Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai

Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai


Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai is a 2012 Tamil romantic thriller film directed by P. V. Prasath, starring Vishva, Irfaan, Tanvi Vyas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai torrent reviews

Laure E (au) wrote: Un bon film brsilien qui raconte l'histoire d'une mre et de ses 4 fils.

beboo g (it) wrote: quiet city was better, but i still liked this one. aaron katz's films are the only mumblecore films that i can stand

N DEEZY A (br) wrote: it was good one of those holiday movies it was different but i iliked it

Matt M (us) wrote: A widowed police officer requires a bone marrow transplant for his son to survive; the only donor is a vicious psychotic killer who uses this opportunity to escape. Cold thriller that is dull for the most part. It's not terrible, as it reserves some surprises.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Had never hear of this film prior to viewing but liked it quite a bit. Two Texas border patrol guards find a jeep buried for two decades with $800k in it and possible ties to the Kennedy assassination. Good support cast, particularly Kurtwood Smith, who plays a great bad guy. He just looks like the type of person neighbours would describe as someone "who kept to himself" after bad things come out about him.

Shawn W (it) wrote: Farrah Fawcett spent her time away from the Six Million Dollar Man to make this sci-fi flick where she is aggressively pursued by a robot named Hector while working on an isolated space station near Saturn. Still love her hair.

Ian R (br) wrote: Ok, so what is being said here is awesome... true Bruce Lee philosophy. The problem is that the movie is so goofy looking, the hero is so laughable, the fighting so amateurish that it all takes away from everything. Someone needs to make this properly. One can only dream of what it would have been if Bruce Lee had been able to make it.