In this sci-fi adventure a gorgeous alien woman is sent to Earth by mistake from the planet Epsilon. Landing in the Australian outback she meets a surveyor and they cross the continent together. However, she spends the trip haranguing him for the ecological recklessness and avarice of the human race.

In this sci-fi adventure a gorgeous alien woman is sent to Earth by mistake from the planet Epsilon. Landing in the Australian outback she meets a surveyor and they cross the continent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa D (br) wrote: Not the worst movie ive ever seen, but then again far from the best. An interesting little premise that could have been an awful lot better had more thought and a lengthier running time been available. Solid enough acting from all involved. it just should have been much better.

Tim F (fr) wrote: Great documentery and an even greater band.

Moe J (gb) wrote: When I first started to watch this film, I thought that it was going to be a dark comedy or a comedy-drama. Actually, though, it's not a comedy. Not at all. But this is still a very well-made movie. I admired the performances by Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts and Timothy Hutton. I also liked Rory's brother Kieran as Rory's older brother. When we first meet his character, we see him as a kind, loving son and brother. He appears to be charming. But when he finds out about his brother getting beaten up at school, he drives to the kid's house, drags him out on the front lawn, and beats him senseless. It's a nicely nuanced performance. There are also some good scenes where the characters get angry at each other and yell and scream (There's a well-staged argument between Alec Baldwin and Jill Hennesy that could be upsetting, but it's a well-acted scene.). This is a good film, but remember this: This is not a comedy. My rating: 3 stars out of 4 stars.

Tara W (br) wrote: One of the best art films in Hong Kong. Beautifully shot, an insightful piece on looking at Yoshiko Kawashima in a more humanitarian way. Anita Mui at the peak of her career, giving a convincing performance. Don't miss it.

Liam H (gb) wrote: 'Heathers' meets 'They Live'. It's no original idea of being paranoid about what the rich and famous secretly get up to, but beneath Society's slimy surface is a sophisticated and bizarrely unique shocker. The film's queasy tone generated by the absurdly disorientating visuals and slyly odd humor is preparation for one of horror's most shockingly disgusting climaxes.

Trent R (nl) wrote: Richard Band's score is definitely the best thing about this lame example of uninformed `80s Nipponophiliia. Fujioka does an admirable job of keeping a straight face despite the idiotic fish-out-of-timestream hijinx they have him up to. Marveling at television, dueling with bikers, and taking down his honky enemy in a terrible flashback sequence to the opening shot.

Eric R (br) wrote: Another Wakamatsu film dealing with young extremists. I found this to be one of Wakamatsu's most emotionally effective films, dealing with elements of paranoia and distrust. My favorite scene has got to be at the Jazz Club near the end of the film. Amazing. One of Wakamatsu's best.

Rosario G (mx) wrote: El Topo is an anomalous film that defies any categorical convention. For genres sake we'll call it a surrealistic western. It is both biblical and sacrilegious, iconoclastic in every sense. Dichotomous in nature, Jodorowsky's character "El Topo" (The Mole) encompasses God and man. In the form of a self-proclaimed god during the film's first half, he cheats his way to mastery and perfection. The second half, where he humbles himself to be simply a man and no god, he proves himself worthy of godly actions. As a man who believes he is God in the film's first half (Genesis) he is self loathing yet presents himself as a master, of destruction rather than salvation. One thing for sure is it will both infuriate and enthrall its audience. Love it or hate it, its significance can hardly be denied. It must be seen to be believed. One of the most fascinating movies to ever grace the screen.

Cam E (es) wrote: It wasn't nearly as good as I first thought this film was going to be but it is an interesting idea. It is a bit like a mystery where you think how could the girl have been kidnapped on the plane without anyone else noticing. That's what made it interesting. It's far from being fantastic but definitely made good. The acting is fairly decent from most actors. It may not be great but FlightPlan is still interesting.

Anthony J (de) wrote: Reporter gets into hot water over a fictional expose concerning prostitution. Morgan Freeman is really the only saving grace in this film.

Filippo V (it) wrote: Il film cerca di dare una visione satirica e divertente sul mondo della moda e il mondo delle celebrit in generale. Nonostante l'idea possa sembrare vincente, cade in battute pietose e in un umorismo piuttosto scontato.