Equinox Flower

Equinox Flower

Later in his career, Ozu started becoming increasingly sympathetic with the younger generation, a shift that was cemented in Equinox Flower, his gorgeously detailed first color film, about an old-fashioned father and his newfangled daughter.

A businessman clashes with his elder daughter over her choice of a husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mia W (de) wrote: The movie has a smorgasbord of comedic talent. If you have any sense of humor, you'll enjoy this movie. Lots of adult content so definitely not appropriate for younger people. You wish your office Christmas party was like this... lol.

Philip T (it) wrote: It's crazy how much this is like an 80s Hunger Game starring Ahnold. Love it.

Simon D (de) wrote: Captures the ambiguities and complexities of colonization very well. Even the white ethnographers and explorers aren't happy to see the influence of Christianity and commerce while some of the Inuit willingly and unwillingly submit to the promise of a new way of life.

xou x (mx) wrote: Although hilarious on its zombie cliches and its sporadic apprach on danger, this near wily australian low budget spook film doesnt seem to inspired on holding a audience. It captures the cheap stuff but lets go of the good stuff into the midst of ridiculous gore and confusing mix of aliens and zombies. But the triple shotgun was nice.

Jayml M (fr) wrote: Music for the world, from the world.

Bradley H (de) wrote: Hilarious black comedy that was inexplicably trashed upon its release. I think it's a wickedly sharp satire, with Travolta and Kudrow doing some of their best work.

Benjamin C (ca) wrote: WOW! Just when you think the Germans have any redeeming qualities and relief of guilt- this comes along...WHAT A MAJOR STAIN! They totally f*** up this thing...and to make matters worse- let the terrorists go in that fake hijaking! Thank god for the Mossad who took care of all these bastards except for 1! Great combo with Munich-Spielberg's movie...Other than that, excellent documentary- music/action and REAL! I can see why he was picked to make The Last King of Scotland...which was amazing! One cannot deny that Jews are the ONLY truly minority that is hated and persecuted throughout history all over the world! Us vs. the world!

Sam M (ca) wrote: Could have utilised better clarification for what's really going on within the subplots, not to mention a somewhat lazy ending.

Orlok W (es) wrote: A Murder affects not only its Victims but its Witnesses too... Another Hypnotic Slasher--An effective exercise in designer violence and slick style... Fabulous, Ultra-Stylish, Blood-Spattered!!

Steve J (ca) wrote: Ah, Larry Cohen. So many brilliantly strange ideas, but so little money to bring them to life. This is one of his better films in my opinion, although the photography is amateurish and the editing seems to have been performed by a mediocre first-year film student. Tony Lo Bianco is a police detective investigating a series of apparently random homicides performed by seemingly ordinary people who tell the confused cop, 'God told me to.' From this basic set-up Cohen weaves a bizarre tale that is part cop thriller, part religious rumination, and part sci-fi headtrip. The cast (one of the best Cohen ever assembled) do a surprisingly good job, and take the material seriously. The main problem with the film is the aforementioned photography and cutting, which seem awfully rushed and ham-handed. I get the feeling that with a bigger budget the filmmakers could've ironed out all the creases and produced a more fully realized film. There are several memorable images to be found here, and the score does a good job of capturing the spirit of Bernard Herrmann's work (he was slated to score this film but died before he had the chance). Unfortunately the film is brimming with unintentional laughter including the lamentable casting of Andy Kaufman as a cop who goes on one of the god-sanctioned rampages (this was shot before Kaufman became a household name) and some black stereotypes that are hopefully too ridiculous to be all that offensive today (and which seem to have been imported from another film entirely). In spite of my complaints I find this movie immensely enjoyable, and fans of Cohen will definitely appreciate it. After all, it's certainly better than The Stuff.

Felicia C (it) wrote: I thought it was awesome!

Marc R (de) wrote: A powerful and intimate war film that gets to the heart of how it felt to be a soldier in Vietnam. The cast, headed by Dafoe and Berenger, is excellent, although I dislike Charlie Sheen as a dramatic actor. No matter, it's one of the great war films.

John S (jp) wrote: This was an okay movie, but if felt like more of a two-part episode than a feature length film. The interaction between Kirk and Picard is fun!

David H (fr) wrote: If I was to follow any one into combat it would be Gen. Moore and CSM Plumley! And, if I was told to guard the gates of hell I could just hear this conversation: "Son, how much ammo have you got? Enough Sergeant Major! How much is that? One for each head!" If CSM Plumley and Sam Elliot playing him were to stand side by side, I don't think they could be separated because from what I've been told of CSM Plumley, he was just as tough in real life as Sam Elliot played him!

Tommaso R (us) wrote: With the beautiful soundtrack from Ennio Morricone this is another masterpiece from Sergio Leone, a range of big names, not only Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef but Gian Maria Volonte, Klaus Kinski, Luigi Pistilli at others, the end is overwhelming and spectacular, a must for the western lovers!