Er nu ying xiong chuan

Er nu ying xiong chuan


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:kung fu,  

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Er nu ying xiong chuan torrent reviews

Wiebke K (ag) wrote: Quite a scary and well done movie until close to the end when it get a tad incoherent. The idea of an app taking over your life is of course not that fart fetched.

Gabo A (it) wrote: I watched this on the plane and it's way too long and tries to do too much. Fascinating insights, most notably, that Woody is first and foremost a comic writer who happens to make films. But it tries to be personal and also be a filmography and it ends up being to all over the place.

Nathaniel E (ca) wrote: dark knights version. love it

Eric W (de) wrote: really great movie. love the story even though it is basic and the acting was perfect.

Scarlett M (ag) wrote: I thought this was a shit film when i was a kid, but looking back, i've never forgotten it. Its funny and touching, in a boorish and crass way.

Ian G (us) wrote: Chris Columbus' final pre Harry Potter film was a little bit of a formulaic and pretentious wannabe tearjerker starring two of the biggest actresses in Hollywood competing to find common ground when it comes to their now joined family, with Julia as the Stepmom coming into the equation having to choose between career and caring for Sarandon's children, and Sarandon being the supermom who was the former career woman who is now facing down the barrel of a cancer diagnosis and has to deal with the fact that eventually she will have to release some of what she is no longer able to do to Roberts. With the kids being so well brought up and all of the bickering between Roberts and Sarandon being so juveinile, plus with them being so afluent, it seemed as if this was an unrealistic portrayal of one of these types of stories for me to truely get involved and care for them, it felt at times I almsot wanted to smack them. One of the few misteps for Roberts for sure with this one. And who thought of casting grumpy Ed Harris as the dad?

Ian E (ru) wrote: Madonna shines bright in this emotional, if somewhat heavily mounted musical adaptation who utilizes her brilliant vocal ability to shine light on this craft.

Bob W (us) wrote: An example of a well directed, finely acted, creatively told film with a very depressing series of events and themes. The love story is swallowed up by all the darkness.

Paul J (mx) wrote: What's most striking about this underrated mini-masterpiece is how it avoids feeling dated. It's smart, gripping and highly original. Technically, the film is surprisingly confident with cinematic touches that are suspenseful and mysterious. Best of all, the performances are stellar. Both Lindsay Crouse and especially Christopher Walken sell this movie 100%. In fact, the screenwriting is actually genius. We're left with quick moments that reach almost Cassavetes-like sincerity. The fact that the screenwriter is writing a autobiographical story about alien abduction gives the movie an added intrigue. Yet, he's smart enough to realize that it may just be all in his head. The film works on both levels. Rarely, has an alien sci-fi movie been treated with such candid fearlessness and bizarre intelligence. The film is not afraid to be blunt and almost absurd. At the very least, Walken gives us one of his all-time greatest roles.

Hli L (fr) wrote: Meir Zarchi says he was compelled to make this softcore rape revenge flick after assisting a female victim of sexual abuse who emerged from the side of the road while he was driving to a park with his daughter one night in 1974. Almost forty years on ( it was shot in 76), there is still controversy surrounding this visceral work that does not turn the camera away from the sexual violence inflicted upon its female protagonist during a 45-minute sequence that makes Gaspar Noe's Irreversible look like child's play. It is a tough watch indeed, and it must have been a tough shoot too - some crew members had to call it quits along the way because they simply couldn't handle it. But then we watch the victim turn the game around in spectacular fashion, and what at first seemed like the most mysoginist exploitation film ever made suddenly becomes some kind of female power triumph. Its original title - Day of the Woman - was not commercially viable but it does help to set the record straight. What is really more torturous about the whole experience is the awful acting (though Camille Keaton deserves kudos for her courage), cheap special effects and rough-as-fuck, sometimes inaudible sound. The lack of a music score only helps by adding some extra realism to scenes that aren't always well executed. This is possibly one of the world's most misunderstood and notorious cult classics. Forget general critical consensus and experience it for yourself though I'd definitely stay away from its remake and sequel. Enough is enough!

Alexander P (gb) wrote: Bertolucci's dig at the fickle nature of man and its political consequences. Despite minor pacing problems, Il conformista is crisp, astute and beguilingly beautiful. 8/10.

Randy L (de) wrote: it was good. worth seeing.

Dan K (us) wrote: The Seinfeld like banter lives up to the Larry David brand.

Inna H (jp) wrote: It is one of those that will blow your mind.

Paul N (jp) wrote: Violent portray of the Kray brothers. Didn't go anywhere but some hard hitting violence.

Collin R (au) wrote: doing a marathon of these... looks like I found quite the hilarious saga of movies

gary t (de) wrote: I have just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is such a fantastic movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actresses throughout this movie......I think that clint eastwood, susan clark, tisha sterling, betty field (.R.I.P.), tom tully (.R.I.P.), Lee j cobb (.R.I.P.), play good roles/parts throughout this movie......I think that the director of this drama/action/adventure/classics movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......I think that this is such a classics movie 2 watch, I think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch.....ProductionBefore Hang 'Em High had been released, Eastwood had set to work on Coogan's Bluff, a project which saw him reunite with Universal Studios after an offer of $1 million, more than doubling his previous salary. Jennings Lang was responsible for the deal. Lang was a former agent of Don Siegel, a Universal contract director who was invited to direct Eastwood's second major American film. Eastwood was not familiar with Siegel's work but Lang arranged for them to meet at Clint's residence in Carmel. Eastwood had seen three of Siegel's earlier films, was impressed with his directing and the two became friends, forming a close partnership in the years that followed.The idea for Coogan's Bluff originated in early 1967 as a TV series and the first draft was drawn up by Herman Miller and Jack Laird, screenwriters for Rawhide. It is about a character named Sheriff Walt Coogan, a lonely deputy sheriff working in New York City.After Siegel and Eastwood had agreed to work together, Howard Rodman and three other writers were hired to devise a new script as the new team scouted for locations including New York and the Mojave desert. However, Eastwood surprised the team one day by calling an abrupt meeting and professed to strongly dislike the script, which by now had gone through seven drafts, preferring Herman Miller's original concept. This experience would also shape Eastwood's distaste for redrafting scripts in his later career.Eastwood and Siegel hired a new writer, Dean Riesner, who had written for Siegel in the Henry Fonda TV film Stranger on the Run. Eastwood did not communicate with the screenwriter until one day Riesner criticized a scene Eastwood had liked which involved Coogan having sex with Linny Raven in the hope that she would take him to her "boyfriend." According to Riesner, Eastwood's "face went white and gave me one of those Clint looks".The two soon reconciled their differences and worked on a script in which Eastwood had considerable input. Don Stroud was cast as the psychopathic criminal Coogan is chasing, Lee J. Cobb as the disagreeable New York City Police Department lieutenant, Susan Clark as a probation officer who falls for Coogan and Tisha Sterling as the drug-using lover of Stroud's character. Filming began in November 1967 even before the full script had been finalizedCoogan's Bluff was released in the United States in October 1968, where it grossed over $3.1 million. The film was controversial for its portrayal of violence, but it had launched a collaboration between Eastwood and Siegel that lasted more than ten years, and set the prototype for the macho hero that Eastwood would play in the Dirty Harry films. The script of the film foreshadows the McCloud television series that starred Dennis Weaver.The DVD version of Coogan's Bluff is edited by approximately three minutes in all regions for unknown reasons. The missing scenes include Coogan receiving his assignment to return Ringerman from New York, a short scene in a hospital, and a scene in which Julie talks about Coogan's Bluff, a lookout point over the ocean near New York (the real Coogan's Bluff is a site on Manhattan Island between Washington Heights and Harlem), tying the location into the film's title. The earlier video release did not have these edits, and was released uncutman this is such a cult classics movie 2 watch, I think that this is such a brilliant movie 2 watch........I think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch, its got great car chases throughout this movie.......I think that the bar scenes was really good throughout this movie, when clint eastwood gets into a fight with the men at the this is such a cult classics movie 2 watch, its got good fight scenes throughout this this is such a fantastic movie 2 watch, its got a great cast throughout this this is such a really gritty tough cop movie 2 watch, it is such a thrilling movie 2 watch, its got a great cast throughout this movie it is such a brilliant movie 2 watch, with a great cast throughout this movie......

David D (gb) wrote: Found it all a bit disappointing really. Good acting and everything, but a bit of a non-story.