Eraserhead Stories

Eraserhead Stories

David Lynch discusses the making of the film Eraserhead.

David Lynch discusses the making of the film Eraserhead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (it) wrote: Another entry in the mega shark series - this time facing off against Tilk from Stargate and a robot shark - Needless to say is fabulously terrible.

Monika E (ru) wrote: The Grandmaster tells the tale of wing chun legend Ip Man, played by Tony Leung. In true Wong Kar Wai fashion, the film circles around the events of the protagonist's life in sophisticated and stylish shots and rich cinematography. Each still is framed with great care and craftsmanship, and the great attention provided to color, costume and composition detail makes for an incredible picturesque visual experience. The combat choreography is meticulously done, and with the use of exceptional camera-work and tasteful slow-motion pays homage to martial arts classics while being equally innovative.While The Grandmaster can certainly be praised for its aesthetic valor, it isn't without its faults, and most of the drawbacks lie in the storyline and underdeveloped characters, many of whom seem to play a large part in Ip Man's story but are reduced to appearing in wordless sequences or as silent onlookers, namely Ip Man's wife and "The Razor". Because they recur during the film alongside the main characters but contribute so little, it leaves the impression that some scenes are missing, as their roles are never really solidified. This can be partly understood as the result of the famously long production time and the rumored 4+ hours of film that had to be cut down, but it still detracts from the experience and raises questions.The Grandmaster is worthy of all of the awards and praise it received for its use of artistic cinematography, but the storyline and characters somehow lack the assurance that the visuals have. It's a poetic pictorial tale that arthouse fans and Wong Kar Wai enthusiasts will enjoy, but others may find unconvincing.

Andr D (gb) wrote: Inexplicablemente, la estpida cinta "American Ninja" tuvo cuatro secuelas. La segunda parte es igual de imbcil que la primera. Y ahora sin un solo actor decente (John Fujioka ya no sale), no hay redencin.

Paul M (br) wrote: Meh minus...... overrated for sure.