Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

A twice-divorced mother of three who sees an injustice, takes on the bad guy and wins -- with a little help from her push-up bra. Erin goes to work for an attorney and comes across medical records describing illnesses clustered in one nearby town. She starts investigating and soon exposes a monumental cover-up.

The film is based on a true story. It is about Erin who is twice-divorced woman works in a small law company. Suddenly, she is involved in contaminated water events. She determines to expose the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (kr) wrote: Big let down considering the RT critics number. Good premise but too slow and not nearly enough laughs

Sean T (mx) wrote: Biography of the life of Bruce Lee-it is inspirational and action packed!

Egnai S (fr) wrote: Beau film, voir absolument

paul s (it) wrote: By definition a documentary "documents", ie, gives testimony to a time, place or action. In Up The Yangtze, Canadian filmmaker Yung Chang captures and tells so much concerning a time and place, in conjunction with the upheaval of an action. Said action is the construction of the massive Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric dam that will displace an estimated 2 million Chinese - yep, that's right, two freakin' million! That the film moves slowly, just as the mighty Yangtze meanders in its already bloated stage due to the locks and bypasses necessary in building the dam, but this gives the viewer ample time to not only gaze upon the oddly contrasting scenery of beauty marred by the encroaching hand of civilization, but reflect upon China's head long rush into the 21st century and what that really means to its citizenry. The story behind the story focuses on the daughter of a former "coolie", currently living a subsistence level existence by working the land. The daughter, who has been given a "middle school" education, wants further schooling, but as the family can hardly afford it, accepts that she must take on an entry level job working for one of the river cruise lines, cashing in on the boom of "the last chance to see the wondrous gorge before it all floods". Her story is of some minor interest, but what lies just to the edge of the screen is what really captivates - the eventual displacement of the family into government housing up above the flood line. As the wife remarks - "up here we must find a way to pay for water and food. When we were down below we grew our own food and there was always water". Seems a fair condemnation of a country trying to go too far, too fast - there will always be those who appear to get left behind. I looked at the soulless concrete room the family was "gifted" and thought that, yes, they had it better off down by the water in their broken down shack. There's plenty of oblique social commentary to be found here as well, especially in regards to how the young Chinese serving aboard the ship are taught to deal with the "westerners". I found it particularly interesting the cruise ship's take that the "guests" would feel uncomfortable with the usual degree of Chinese humility. I wish the film's pace would have been a bit quicker, but for all that, I'm certainly glad I was privy to this insightful delving into what could very well be the end of a certain type of culture - the film left me wondering, even with all the poverty, if the family wouldn't be better off sans the entire dam project and all it represents. As the closing shots show the very slow opening of one of the soulless locks, the obvious metaphor is nonetheless a striking one.

Alex K (kr) wrote: The first was good, the second was fantastic. This was just bad.

Joni W (gb) wrote: Ummm Saw? Been there, seen it done a lot better!

Drew B (nl) wrote: I'll take Mark Wahlberg in just about anything. This was a fast moving thriller with plenty of action, ass kicking and plot. It will keep you guessing all the way till the end. It was smart in a stupid thug action movie sort of way.

Jepa P (fr) wrote: Terrible. The musical/dance parts made feel like wanting to vomit immediately or die of shame.

Wade H (it) wrote: The story is interesting, but is completely dumbed down by the slasher style of the film. Verhoven does his best directing, while the effects are very good.

Concrete Jungle (gb) wrote: Great Film! Incredible cast! The realism is very apparent to those who have served.

Clelie R (jp) wrote: Not much happen actually, most of the movie is about the preparation of the final attack, and then when it comes, it is quite brief.

Jose Luis M (de) wrote: Sorpresa! me gust para pasar el rato (la v en el bus), buenos actores, especialmente Kurt Rusell.

Deborah S (kr) wrote: I liked this film. Must try and get it on DVD. Cooper is a very watchable actor and does well with light comedy, I think, even if it's not what he's most well known for.

Joetaeb D (us) wrote: A sweet, charming, hard to hate teen dramedy.

Sumit B (es) wrote: The Aquaman at the end is so cool. JLA forever.

Alexis F (br) wrote: I might have a little bias because I tend to not enjoy scary movies. I knew this movie was going to be a little scary, but I was not expecting this much. Maybe it's just me, but now, I am slightly more (scratch that, a lot more) paranoid about dating. I came to see this movie with my friends because I love the actors in this movie. Unfortunately, the movie was not my favorite, but it gave my friends and I a good memory to laugh at later on. I do not recommend this movie if you are looking for an award winning film, because it is mostly just a dramatic scary chick flick. Overall, the movie was not too bad! I gave this a 2/10 only because I think the majority of people who watch this will not like it that much, but you should still give it a try if you are looking for something new.