Ernest Goes to Jail

Ernest Goes to Jail

Bumbling Ernest P. Worrell is assigned to jury duty, where a crooked lawyer notices a resemblance with crime boss Mr. Nash, and arranges a switch. Nash assumes Ernest's job as a bank employee, while Ernest undergoes Nash's sentence to the electric chair. But instead of killing him, the electrocution gives Ernest superhuman powers, enabling him to escape from jail and foil Nash's attempt to rob the bank.

Dim-witted Ernest is a janitor at a bank who gets called for jury duty, where a crooked lawyer notices a resemblance with crime boss Mr. Nash, and arranges a switch. So Ernest goes to jail while Nash stays on the outside to plan a major bank heist at where Ernest works as a security guard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen C (it) wrote: Very well done exploration of how one selfish decision ran impact/ruin many lives.

Philip S (nl) wrote: Not sure how much the unrated version differs from the theatrical version, but if you're gonna sit through this kind of film, you might as well go all out. Much of the film follows the typical Freaky Friday script, but there are enough personal touches to make this one stand out; mostly because it's MUCH more crass than a Jodie Foster made-for-tv movie. Not for everyone. It helps, too, if you like Reynolds and/or Bateman to begin with. Mann, Wilde and Arkin are solid support. I'm not saying you'll like it - I'm just saying that, surprisingly, I did.

HALEY C (de) wrote: I love this movie it totally rocks!!!!!

Dilhara A (us) wrote: a completely moving foreign language film I was first introduced to in a college history class, but have watched a second time without requirement. very realistic and powerful. makes the viewer admire and appreciate the people who lived under Chairman Mao.

Grayson W (ag) wrote: I liked Ron Pearlman in this and thought the ancient device felt Cronenbergian, which is a good thing. Overall was pretty good as a whole. I can't help but feel that a lot of the elements of the film were later reused in the directors TV series "The Strain", so a lot of it felt familiar.

Ryan N (de) wrote: This film makes no sense and is irrelevant to the saga. There is no way this can fit in after number III soooo..... plus the acting sucks something awful!

monsieur r (es) wrote: Suspense thriller needs older cast. None of this suspense action thriller can be believed with 20 year olds killing and managing incredible feats of coercion and bad deeds. Whimpy and innocent junior, corporate executive (James Spader) finds having a good time can result in disastor. Sinister and equally young Rob Lowe manages to bring Spader into his web of deception and corruption. One thing leads to another and well, guess what? there is no call to the police. Instead, this goof ball Spader tries to handle things himself. Poorly equiped to do harm to anything but a keyboard, Spader runs around with his tie most of the film trying to undo what Rob Lowe has done to him. Not bad cinematography, something isn't quite clear. What is clear is an older cast. But they don't come cheap. Most have found this belivable and thrilling, I just found it the product of an over active imagination. Directed by Curtis Hanson; written by David Koepp; director of photography, Robert Elswit; edited by Bonnie Koehler; music by Trevor Jones; production designer, Ron Foreman; produced by Steve Tisch; released by Epic Productions Inc. Running time: 99 minutes. This film is rated R. Stars: Alex...Rob Lowe Michael Boll...James Spader Patterson...Tony Maggio Pismo Boll...Christian Clemenson Claire...Lisa Zane

Jed D (ca) wrote: "Umm ... what was I watching?" There was so much cut from the film, it was a train wreck. The acting was pretty decent but this film went nowhere.

Martin T (au) wrote: A talented stage actor gradually trades his ideals for success under the Third Reich. It's certainly no coincidence that his signature role is Mephistopholes in "Faust". This movie reminded a lot of Fassbinder: the vivid colors, the period, the particular style of political allegory. Something like a Fassbinder version of The Conformist, perhaps. Klaus Maria Brandauer is superb in the lead, a very complicated role. As an actor, Hendrik is a natural at putting on a facade, and the audience is often unsure of exactly where he stands. I would say the film is a little blunt at times, but I still very much enjoyed it.

Jesse F (gb) wrote: A Hitchcock masterpiece. And arguably the most inspiring horror film ever made. This is how a horror film should be done.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Stupid movie has a good cast and some moments but is way too predictable

Matthew P (gb) wrote: Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga are such an inspired pair. They make "At Middleton" is easy to watch, you will do your best to ignore moments of corny dialogue.

Susan S (kr) wrote: Michael Moore does it again - making us think and providing humor along the way.