Ernest Goes to School

Ernest Goes to School

Jim Varney's recurring dim-bulb character Ernest P. Worrell returns in this film as a school bus driver seeking to obtain a high school diploma.

Dropout and school district employee Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) is in danger of losing his job because of a new rule that says all workers must be high school graduates. Ernest has two choices as a result: Redo grade twelve at the school with regular courses and potentially graduate, or lose his job! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sue I (es) wrote: The only redeeming qualities of this movie are Murry and Fairbass, oooo and Kennard because lets face it, he's fit! It was a horrible story lines. And having to see the ex playing a bullying bouncer is well, actually not that strange! lol

William M (gb) wrote: I am getting in deap here by attempting to review a movie I could only understand about 30% of the dialogue and without subtitles. If you speak German you may find this film to be somwhat interesting. It was very heartfelt and naive at times but it followed 2 German tourists in Cambodia these young travelers.... Well watch the trailer it is rather accurate. It is a perspective and lifestyle I am unfamiliar with so it did somewhat fascinate me but given a second chance I may have passed on the film. It doesn't mean it is bad just not for me.

Riccardo R (es) wrote: Raggiunge a stento la sufficienza. Non posso negare che ci siano molte trovate divertenti, ma certamente non si pu dire che sia il film meglio riuscito di Jack Black.L'ambientazione in Messico mi piaciuta come trovata.

Bill K (ru) wrote: I only rated this a 3 because of De Niro

Jacob S (it) wrote: Such an emotionally-moving work. It's full of the importance of human freedom and the story of the USA's search to be consistent with the Declaration of Independence.

Christopher H (us) wrote: A great sci-fi horror flick (essentially a haunted house movie in space with a little bit of Hellraiser) that was sadly under-appreciated when it first came out.Paul W.S. Anderson (in a rare moment of creative inspiration) does a great job of keeping up a great tense atmosphere and the practical effects are superb (although instances of CGI in the movie are one of the few weak points). There are plenty of great tense sequences, effective jump scares, and absolutely messed-up imagery. The acting isn't too bad either, actually the quality of the acting goes a long way in selling the plot. Sam Niell and Laurence Fishburne really shine in this but the rest of the supporting cast are solid too, especially Sean Pertwee. If you love sci-fi and horror, then check it out!

Zinc Z (kr) wrote: Why do you just go home

lucy w (nl) wrote: A beautiful film that fully represents the imperfect, but always repeated, circle of violence. Gregoire Colin is particularly handsome in here.

Hisashi S (gb) wrote: one of the few films that has violence and beauty together in one piece.

Gregory W (br) wrote: good stuff this bio-pic of film great lon chaney

Taylor B (ca) wrote: It's always nice to see inventive filmmaking.

Mags K (br) wrote: One of may favourites. Wonderful and very positive. No matter how hard things are, never loose your childish innocence.