Ernest in the Army

Ernest in the Army

Ernest joins the Army reserves so he can drive the bigrigs, but ends up being sent into combat!

A Persian Gulf dictator, Tufuti, invades the country of Karifistan, subsequently plunging the United States into war. The U.S. Army's most unlikely soldier, Ernest P. Worrel, finds himself responsible for saving the world when he and his troopmates are sent out to take down a tyrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JT K (br) wrote: What could be provocative or insightful, instead comes off as limp and pandering. The bright spot is Gilford whose performance is well-rounded and his character carries genuine emotional depth. As the other two legs of the central "love" triangle, but Rossum comes off as shrill and empty (maybe the point, but it's presented like we should care) and Springer is a typical jittery on-the-way-out-of-the-closet teen.

Tyler R (es) wrote: It was decent. It wasn't as good as the first two. Very generic plot and characters but with fun car stunts and fights.

Josh L (br) wrote: Just amazing and amazingly profane. The artistry and skill of the puppeteers deserves special mention, as does the fact that half the people who love this movie completely miss the point.

Glenn D (it) wrote: a classic one for the Netherlands and Belgium

Eddie H (gb) wrote: I highly enjoyed this unusual, humorous, and eerie film. It had the classic 80s touch with the many wide angles shots and eerie score. At times Blue Velvet and the Shining came to mind. Fun movie!

William W (br) wrote: Both a great chance to see two acting icons (one, Donald Pleasence, at his prime, and the other, Jennifer Connelly, just starting out on her filmic journey) and one of the films on director Argento's great run of horror classics, this is worth purchasing the finest print and will award the horror aficionado many great times in rewatches. Cinephiles often called Argento 'the Italian Alfred Hitchcock', and this would be a great Exhibit A for their evidence. Essential for connoisseurs of the arcane.

regina m (it) wrote: Love love this movie

Jens T (ru) wrote: One of the darkest and most ironic comedys, with Marcello Mastroianni in one of his best preformances. And the last scene of the movie... well ofcorse you know I can't tell you, but I promice, you had never seen anything like it.

Indira S (ca) wrote: the always lovely James Stewart couldnt do no wrong :)

Steve D (ag) wrote: Lots of blood but boring besides the scenes of gore

David L (au) wrote: Epic, majestic and powerful, The Lion King is also impressively mature and certainly quite authentic. It is so well animated, very well edited and it has such a great soundtrack with Circle of Life naturally being the highlight and the score is even more powerful with King of Pride Rock being just a breathtaking piece of music. It does have its very obvious flaws ranging from a very problematic romance to an evident stupidity of its troublesome villain, but the character development is so good, the emotion is strong, it's epic in scope and it has probably the best opening scene of any film ever. It isn't one of my favorite Disney movies, but it surely is very good and very admirable.