Eros una vez María

Eros una vez María


When Tonatiuh loses his beloved Maria, grief and obsession to be loved lead him to seek love in a variety of women also called Maria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jairo A (jp) wrote: Pros: The mystery/suspense part of the movie. It keeps you guessing and you're not sure what the bad guys' next move is going to be. The concept of the movie is pretty good and not a direct copy of other movies. Cons: Though the suspense is good, it seems to never reach its full potential. Why did the villains do what they did? What was their motive? Also, it would have been nice to know more about them. I had the feeling, at some point, there was going to be too much violence in this movie...and in the end, there was very very little(a bad thing because it seems the movie is leading you to think that way). Overall though, it was good and enjoyable. And though it is a little slow at times, it was NOT boring. I would rate it 6/10 OR 3/5

Christopher M (fr) wrote: A pretty okay movie. Nothing too bad, but nothing to amazing. The story is somewhat original, with a small reference to "Point Break." The teacher kind of urks me when she kind of flirts with him while she knows hes a student, but I mean, its not always bad.

Daniel G (es) wrote: With an incredibly dramatic sequence of semi-subjective tracking shots, Elephant takes us to a place usually obscured by media coverage and short, distant reflection. Van Sant is not afraid to explore the realism of random violence and courageously questions motive and singularity in this multi-dimensional portrayal of a high-school shooting.

Felipe F (ca) wrote: In America means well, but weak acting and a foolish script overcome its message.

Jon C (kr) wrote: for 2001: another safe and marketable flick from the Olsen Twins little girls will have a blast seeing the highlights of London and plenty of eye candy for the whole family it's harmless and fluffy fun the music is ok for its soundtrack 1 or 2 subplots never get touched upon again but everybody has their own things goin on at least it moves fast thankfully that photo montage at the beginning is perhaps the only worst part other than that this is a good watchable movie

Chad N (jp) wrote: Haven't watched in a long time. Cried like a baby!

Paula K (gb) wrote: Excellent makeup and effects, especially for its era - but a bit hard to follow because there is no English dialogue.

Brett W (es) wrote: A director trying so hard to match the gun play of John Woo, but the action scenes just lack that punch, however a lice little play on an art deco, gangster scene of 1930's set in Shangai

David S (br) wrote: Enjoyable enough, but the conceit of a man who loves baseball so much that he hasn't finished his Ph.D. basically cheating his way through an entire season doesn't hold up.

Tim S (ru) wrote: I had the chance not too long ago to see this with a small crowd in a theatre, and I had a lot of fun in the process. I don't know if The Secret Weapon is one of Holmes' best outtings, but it's certainly enjoyable. The beginning is kind of slow and it takes a bit to get the plot underway (more so than usual), but it gets better and better as the film goes along. Again, Moriarty is up to no good, this time trying to steal a nuclear weapon. The pace is a little more lax than other films in the series, but there's enough story instead of constant expository dialogue to make up for it. The ending is also quite biting, and makes the whole film worth watching, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these films in the future.

John B (es) wrote: Interesting story about two boys growing up in different circumstances and the choices the make during the Spanish War

Rick D (jp) wrote: Absolutely awful. Probably the worst movie I've ever seen.