Exploitation auteur and mammary-enthusiast Russ Meyer directs this lurid journey into female sexuality told in six segments: “Naked Innocence,” “Beauties, Bubbles, and H2O,” “The Bear and the Bare,” “Nudists on the High Seas,” “The Nymphs,” and “The Bikini Busters

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Erotica torrent reviews

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: Cheesy and quirky typical of Disney teen movies but there are a few moments of comedy even through all the eye rolling Disney moments.

Veronica H (kr) wrote: best movie ever I wish I could sing like that and meet Chris he is so hot

Pavan R (gb) wrote: Superbly made..simple stories of normal people in Mumbai and the emotions they went through after the blasts...comes together so nicely in the end with the beautiful song...Watch it

David A (ca) wrote: A very strange movie. Very French so I may not have gotten all the humour. Well worth the viewing.

Lawrence A (ru) wrote: ooh wow. a political drama about history. only with no gun fights. 2 hours you say? sounds amazing.... =$

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: A Spanish ET rip off, enough said.

Anna L (au) wrote: Only idiots would not like this movie.

Layla G (us) wrote: Don't let the fact that Les Battersby and Jim Royle star in this film mislead you. It is both hard-hitting and touching. Bruce Jones is so believable as the man desperately trying to find enough money to buy his little girl a holy communion outfit. You really feel his frustration as he moves from crappy job to crappy job, eventually forced to borrow the money from unscrupulous loan sharks. The wife and daughter are also brilliant in this. An overlooked British classic.

Ben P (br) wrote: A very enjoyable live action version of Tarzan.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jonathan A (mx) wrote: The theatrical film is disappointing, however, the R-rated version is a major improvement, featuring better characterizations, a compelling court case plot-line and grislier action sequences.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Excellent film fantastic action scenes, Abit over the top but brilliant, A must watch for any action fan, Different to the other Die Hard films but in a good way, Some fantastic effects to top it all off.

Rangan R (es) wrote: The A list actors in a B movie, is the latest trend.A bunch of great actors with their very good performances, but the story was merely okay, even though somewhat it was an enjoyable flick. 'Two Rabbits' was a good Brasilian thriller, this is from the same director and his Hollywood debut which is not a spellbinding. I expected a lot after knowing it was his film, it did not disappoint me either, but for the Hollywood standards this was a let down. If it would have been a Portuguese film, then no one would have complained much.It was supposed to be a sequel to David Fincher's 'Seven', but failed to fuse both the stories. So then it became an independent narration. The title should have been 'Premonition', but there's already a movie with that name. Like I said the story was kind of a mix of other films. The theme was a too much intelligence, so it needed the clever writers for its screenplay. I only say it was a missed opportunity to turn the product like 'Law Abiding Citizen'.For a concept like this, the scenes were too ordinary and the end has been just alright. The best thing about this was the entertainment it offered, no matter if you feel deja-vu of watching this film, you won't get bored. Top actors, but I still consider it a good quality B movie than an average quality A list movie.6/10

David H (au) wrote: Classic Noel Coward, and a good adaptation of this play. Great cast, many of whom repeat the roles they played in the stage play. Recommend. Margaret Rutherford alone is worth the price of admission.

Stanley C (mx) wrote: Plot Synopsis: Mary had a little lamb, except Mary never existed because in Zootopia's world humans never existed, and so there was only the little lamb. And so that little lamb (spoiled alert upcoming.....) is actually a Nazi spy who wants to carry out a brand new Holocaust 2016 and put all predators into camps.