Erótica, a Fêmea Sensual

Erótica, a Fêmea Sensual

Flora (Matilde Mastrangi) is a happy housewife but suffer a serious accident and loses her husband and gets her face terribly burned. Depressed, she feels herself guilty for the accident, ...

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Manolo P (au) wrote: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a revealing drama which alludes to the memories of adolescence where it is shown this transition from childhood to the next stage. The story is based on the novel by the writer and director Stephen Chbosky. The narration can be seen very close and can easily move their target audience, however, everything seems too generic.This adaptation of Chbosky repeatedly falls into the use of mainstream sentimentality that works so much in so many feature films. The unlimited clichs with which the film conforms give life to Charlie (Logan Lerman) who recently enters high school and who now faces different difficulties with himself when trying to fit in his new surroundings. Charlie is the typical misunderstood boy who is unable to relate with people: he is intelligent but socially incompetent, he is not even able to participate in classes to make his opinions known. He is a nerd who likes "old" music and spends his time inadvertently counting every day until finally he can leave high school. Hence, this character is the classic boy of which they mock and of which they abuse of because of his intelligence, but that at the same time is destined that one day everything will luckily change for good.In short, and as the title implies, this wallflower will change from being nobody to a beautiful flower. The young actor, characterized by an innocent profile, full of ingenuity and with a deep fear to be able to express himself and to transmit his triumphs, manages to become friend of an extravagant rebel (Ezra Miller) and its half sister (Emma Watson). The first is the typical gay character, friendly, social and smiling who never shuts up on what he thinks, and Watson is the pretty girl with academic problems who guess whom will fall in love with her...With a correct use of cinematographic qualities, the rhythm of the film is good and even engaging. The experience of the director is notorious with this work and the reality is that, although the story is bad, manages to carry with precision and details what he wanted to complete through this project. Together, these friends face a series of challenges, typical of their age, addressing their low complexity moral desires and conflicts, but come on, they're just a few young guys. Anguished, but with a lot of hope and desire to get ahead, the film reveals the reasons why Charlie is as he is, bringing to light the problems he had in relation to his childhood. Since everything seems an obsessive attempt to convince the audience with the transmitted material, the tale seems to be bent on erasing any sense of originality, since each element complies within a checklist that today's cinema insists on including: a gay athlete who does not rebuke his secret, a friendly English teacher, failed relationships, severe parents, suicide attempts, drugs, parties with the usual format, emotional problems, abuse, and the question of 'what am I going to do in my life?' You will surely feel the power of this film of Chbosky, living the drama with tears, some laughs and many smiles, which come from a highly personal and semi-autobiographical project, but this set of elements are not enough to raise the sense of a film which begins with the content of always and whose conclusion is so repeated that I would even like to erase my memory to enjoy many movies like this one here. You will say you have seen this movie before and many, many times. 55/100

Miguel B (kr) wrote: A real movie, for a change!

Adam J (ru) wrote: course id love to see it! its a remake of my all time fav films :D

Victorien B (ca) wrote: Best fidht film ever!

Mikael K (ag) wrote: This is one of those movies that have a solid premise, promising cast and interesting themes but that just don't have enough momentum to rise above the too familiar and mundane. It's a movie driven by its characters but I really felt they could have gotten much more out of them.

Rachel M (ag) wrote: if your man cheat on you, what would you do? i'm glad that Grace (Julia Roberts) stay with Ed (Dennis Quaid) instead of choosing divorce b/c of feeling like a failure after divorce.

dada d (us) wrote: Warning all mums, mums to be and mums wannabe! This was seriously hard to watch, and then I'm a sucker for social dramas and don't see myself as that easily moved. But I could feel the woman's frustration so vividly and I could relate to loose someone you love to death, so watching her having her children taken away one by one - pure torture! A film that makes you want to discuss it with someone. Once again a top film by Ken Loach.

Sgt C (br) wrote: (64%)A raw slice of second world war carnage from director Sam Peckinpah that very nearly dances its way toward being a wartime exploitation flick, but due to the fact that it is so well made, strongly acted, and grippingly intense that it never drops fully down to such trashy levels. The viewpoint is taken from the eyes of the Nazi fighters, made up from an international cast of actors, battling and losing, against the Soviets during one of the final parts of the war. James Coburn leads well despite never truly feeling like the character he plays, but the action is harsh and bloody with fantastically well shot battles as this tries, and largely succeeds, to bring the horror of war to life. Despite the so-so ending, this is worth a look for both war, and Peckinpah fans alike.

Jake P (de) wrote: One of the slickest crime films ever made. It trumps just about every American crime film ever made, and to me that says a lot.

Greg W (gb) wrote: one of my favourite weepies starring the queen of the weepies at RKO, irene dunne

Rogga F (br) wrote: Enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. It's cool and pretty well executed.