Michał jedzie do miasta swojego urodzenia, aby załatwić sprawę o którą prosi go szef i od razu wracać. Sprawy przybierają jednak inny obrót. Michał musi pozostać tu parę dni dłużej. Chodząc po mieście spotyka bliskie mu niegdyś osoby, natrafia na znajome miejsca. Powoli odzywa się w nim coś, o czym dawno zapomniał.

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Sophie G (it) wrote: Gnial ! C'est plein de soleil, de posie, de burlesque de sensibilit... un chef-d'oeuvre

Daniel B (it) wrote: Hold up... Once, the sequel? How did they not call it "Twice?" Anyway, should be good.

Brett W (gb) wrote: These PG-13 Animated DC flicks continue to prove to be much better than any DC live-action film.

Steven G (de) wrote: A dark comedy-drama that works with laughter and dramatic moments

Benjamin S (fr) wrote: It's surprising little movies like this that make me happy. Never heard of it, but something about it had me watch and stay interested.

Marc K (es) wrote: I was sick from the plot I was meant to swallow. It got one star because they used good camera equipment.

Bryan R (br) wrote: This is a great movie made from an amazing book... The actors are superb in this movie too!

maxwell w (it) wrote: This films muddled plot and cheap effects are only saved by the sheer enjoyment and wonder in this classic.

Stephen M (de) wrote: When a leftist terrorist organisation kidnaps the U.S. Ambassador to France, the French police employ their own, state-sanctioned form of terrorism to quell popular support for the anarchists. "Nada" is too complex a film to analyse succinctly here, but it sometimes felt like I was watching a Costa-Gavras political thriller, as directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Certainly, Maurice Garrel, as a disillusioned revolutionary, masterminding the abduction out of loyalty to a still fanatical friend (Fabio Testi), has a Melvillian world-weariness/fatalism about him. The interesting relationship between Testi and Michel Duchaussoy, respectively the gang's leader and its former spokesman, expelled for ideological differences but loyally reticent under police torture, also smacks of Melville. However, the rich vein of black comedy running through the movie is unmistakably Claude Chabrol's. Detractors, who would have you believe that this director is merely a Hitchcock copyist, would do well to witness his brilliant handling of this film's two major set-pieces: the kidnapping scene and the police's retaliatory farmhouse siege. His matter-of-fact use of violence, particularly in the latter scene, is absolutely chilling. Of the superb cast, Maurice Garrel and Michel Aumont, who plays the canny but brutal policeman in charge of the case, are especially fine. A film ripe for rediscovery in these troubled times. I loved it!

J K (ru) wrote: Francois Truffaut was a respected and talented director, but there's only one Hitchcock. Call me a homer. I don't care. Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Truffaut was most certainly meaning this to be a tribute to the filmmaking master. But Truffaut falls short in his effort to mimic Hitchcock. I found this kind of pretentious and boring. A Hitchcock movie always left me gripping my chair.

Andrew T (au) wrote: Repulsion is far from being a bad movie. Catherine Deneuves performance is fine and so is everyone else's. The plot and story are okay but nothing particularly gripping or challenging. For a film about someone going insane and killing a bunch of people, the movie oddly feels pretty safe. Despite the safeness, there are many elements that I enjoyed and thought it was a simple and effective film, though not as effective as it could have been.

Michael R (br) wrote: Cerebral and emotionally unsettling. Jacob's Ladder is as smart and compelling as it is scary.