An American goes to Germany to find his mother and discovers her in a concentration camp. With the help of an American-born widowed countess he seeks to engineer her escape.

1938: A young man arrives in Hitler's Germany, frantically seeking information about his German mother, and finds she is pending execution at a concentration camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Escape torrent reviews

hilly b (it) wrote: great fun. performances are ace.

Bill E (kr) wrote: Nothing special! Worth a watch just for the cast but more a kin to a stage production

Joshua M (fr) wrote: Ulrich Seidl's Import/Export is

Valerio R (fr) wrote: Ottimo ritorno al wuxiapian con un non tanto nascosto remake orientale de "I magnifici sette"! Film di grande impatto visivo, puro estro creativo e intrattenimento, nonostante le sue due ore e mezza! Piu' eleganti che spettacolari questa volta i duelli, e molto dolci le storie d'amore che si intrecciano alla trama principale. E' inutile nasconderlo: i film epici ormai si tingono sempre piu' di sfumature orientali...

Daniel P (ru) wrote: This movie was so forgettable, that I hadn't even remembered watching it until I went to rate it on here and realized I already had

Susana S (gb) wrote: Some scenes were beautiful and touching. I love the ending.

Rosemarie S (de) wrote: enjoy the Lifetime type plots & Danielle Steel's stories - tend to be juicy...

Lee P (us) wrote: My opinion may be biased due to this film's close resemblance to my own experience at day camp.

Jeff N (br) wrote: An absolutely insane film, an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel of the same name, "Inherent Vice" is painstakingly dialogue-rich and full of many off-the-wall characters. The viewer must pay close attention to every minute of the 2.5 hour flick to have even a hope of a chance to follow what is happening. I'm not sure anyone but Paul Thomas Anderson could have attempted this nutty story and extracted what I believe Thomas Pynchon intended to visually portray with his novel. While not near the top of one of PTA's best, it's definitely worth your time.