Escape by Night

Escape by Night

In Nazi-occupied Rome, a beautiful bootlegger, to the chagrin of her lover, gives sanctuary to three escaped POWs: an American pilot, a Russian sergeant and a British major

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Italian,German,Russian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:place name in title,   italy,   spy,  

Three allied prisoners, a Russian, an American and an Englishman, attempt to escape with the help of a young couple from Rome. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreekiran M (kr) wrote: My word: Fast never boring and has a perfect screenplay to engage viewers with its cinematic liberties even though proceedings defies logic movie is entertaining and arguably worth the money paid.

Anthony T (us) wrote: Pretty enjoyable horror comedy. Would recommend this satire to most horror comedy fans.

Gary N (kr) wrote: funny well done movie


Steven W (it) wrote: Was a decent movie. A really good downer if that's your kind of thing.

Richard R (au) wrote: The twentieth James Bond film and last for Pierce Brosnan as 007. It is also the only Bond directed by Lee Tamahori.James Bond is captured by the North Koreans trying to disrupt an illegal arms deal for outlawed South African "conflict diamonds", put together by Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee) and his right hand man Zao (Rick Moon). But he is double-crossed by someone within MI6, and tortured by the North Koreans, but not before killing Moon. Fourteen months later 007 is released by his captures in exchange for Zao, who was recently captured by the west. "M" (Dame Judi Dench) and NSA agent Damian Falco (Michael Madsen) believe Bond must have talked during his captivity, and is sent to rot in a British prison facility in Hong Kong. 007 escapes by stopping his heart for a brief period of time, and busting out. He then tracks Zao to Cuba where he is receiving DNA replacement therapy, and meets the incredibly sexy Jinx (Halle Berry), a NSA agent working for Falco. After Zao escapes, Bond returns to London and his attention turns to environmental billionaire Gustov Graves (Tobey Stephens), who has created a satellite that deploys a heat ray that can turn the world's ice lands into lush green gardens. 007 then travels to Iceland and Graves' ice fortress "The Ice Palace", where he is invited to watch a demonstration of his satellite, which Bond believes is fueled by the "conflict diamonds". While there, 007 meets up again with Jinx, and learns that Graves is actually Colonel Moon, having had has his appearance altered by the DNA replacement therapy. Bond and Jinx must now stop Graves and MI6 traitor Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) before he uses the satellite to attack South Korea.This is the most absurd plot of any of the 007 films, and one of the reasons that the series went on hiatus for four years, and then the decision was made to reboot the franchise, and start all over again. Pierce Brosnan is great as usual, but starting to look a little old (he was 49 at the time), and Halle Berry is perfect as the strong-headed sexy Jinx. The theme song by Madonna is probably the worst of all the Bond themes, and the DNA Gene replacement therapy is completely ridiculous, as is 007's invisible Aston Martin.This film is entertaining, but way too far over the top.

Adam W (nl) wrote: Willing to give it a go as it came before "Super Troopers" so in theory should be better than that seeing as how their films are getting progressivly worse.

Mr Andrew Sly k (br) wrote: Take from her wrist and tied to the Bed and make the love like a beast wild & toughly!

Steve R (es) wrote: Naff 80s comedy with not much to recommend it. Seeing a very young Seth Green was amusing.

Mark B (gb) wrote: I liked "Beverly Hills Cop" more, but Chevy doesn't have the supporting cast that Eddie did.

Missy T (fr) wrote: "You gotta keep that needle above 30 - every mile you get above that, reckon another sixpence an hour". I love this film every time i see it - plus almost every cool character actor from the 50s!

John B (es) wrote: Fellini's autobiographical film is another result of the great "human" films coming out of Italy in the 50s. There is often not too much glitter in the lives of these individuals but their humanity and trials and tribulations makes you want to watch them closely.

Karen F (jp) wrote: lovely. how did I not realize how great Hepburn and Grant are together until this weekend?

Andrew L (gb) wrote: Funny, but becomes tiresome

Victor T (es) wrote: Oliver Stone is no stranger to controversy as since 1986 he has been making films about controversial subjects (USA subjects as he is a huge patriot) like USA Presidents, 9/11, greed is good or historical confrontations (from Vietnam to freaking Alexander the Great) but arguably his most controversial film is the one that doesn't feel like a Stone film: "Natural Born Killers".Mickey and Mallory Knox are an insane couple that terrorize the country for three weeks as they decide to go into a killing spree throughout the USA.First things first, when your movie features excessive and glorified violence, excessive use of vulgar language, nudity, rape and plenty of disturbing imagery, you pretty much make your film unwatchable for a large portion of the populous, but regardless of those massively controversial elements you would think that this film has something special/good as it has achieved an almost cult status and I just fail to find that special something. "Natural Born Killers" has very few pros like having Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson giving such over the top performances that they are a joy to watch, a at times amusing dark humor and the last half an hour is just so dumb that is excessively enjoyable (I haven't seen a more fun and bombastic climatic sequence in a while) but sadly the last 5 minutes take away the greatness of the previous 25 minutes. But regardless of those minimal successes "Natural Born Killers" is basically "A Clockwork Orange with Bonnie and Clyde" if it was written by Tarantino and was adapted by a director on acid (to the point of Stone ripping off Kubricks sporadic quick flashes but changing it for nonsensical and heavy-handed psychedelia). I mean both films have the same message about the exact same topic and both are extremely controversial but unlike Kubricks film Stone throws subtlety out the window and instead goes to an over the top style in case the viewer is dumb enough to miss the themes of the movie, plus his directing is just nonsensical as he goes from obvious 'symbolism' to inserting meaningless shots in-between scenes (sure a couple work but then he just randomly puts Coca Cola ads or badly drawn animations). And lastly this is one of the most 90s films Ive ever seen thus the reason many people like it as this is a time capsule of that decade due to its obvious inspirations (which in case you missed them Stone puts them at the end of the film), soundtrack, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" editing, the juvenile humor and the fact that Tarantinos fingerprints are all over the place."Natural Born Killers" is an extremely controversial, juvenile, over the top and desperate attempt to make a statement about violence in society without any subtlety and just keeps hitting you in the face with a hammer in case you missed it. If you are in your teen years or you enjoy juvenile stuff then this is a film made for you, but if youre not then go ahead and watch "A Clockwork Orange", an actually mature, subtle and more than well-crafted film that addresses all those subjects.

Daniel G (mx) wrote: Ruby Sparks is a very relatable movie. I think most people could guess what the message of the movie would be and predict how the story would unfold, but despite that it managed to came across powerfully, in my opinion. The ending, and I guess the whole movie itself is somewhat cheesy, but it's just the right amount. Acting's also great. I'm kinda suprised at how much Paul Dano looks like Shane Dawson, the youtube vlogger.