Escape from Fort Bravo

Escape from Fort Bravo

A Southern belle (Eleanor Parker) frees a Rebel officer (John Forsythe) and his men from a Union captain's (William Holden) Arizona fort.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:capture,   escape,   spy,  

A ruthless Union captain is renowned throughout his prison fort as the toughest soldier in the business, capable of capturing every escaped convict under his supervision. However, when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaymee H (us) wrote: I just wish I could watch it on my ipad with out money

Joseph W (au) wrote: Good story... I'd really recommend to my pals :)

Madwolfie C (ag) wrote: A fairy tale? Perhaps but it manages to have us follow the journey of Sid, of his wake up call to his realisation as to what he wants in life. A very cosy film to settle in :)

Johnny W (ca) wrote: What a load of crap.

Christian A (es) wrote: This was the first film I booked for the 2008 CIFF. It is fresh, funny, and fantastical. You will find youself air drumming in the days following!

Mark S (br) wrote: this sounds really interesting, good story and well presented.

Christen (it) wrote: One of the best realistic love stories made into a movie.

Andrew K (ag) wrote: Brilliantly written, hilarious, well acted and surprisingly engaging from start to finish, who would've thought a board game turned movie would work?

Tommy R (mx) wrote: A riot indeed, lotsa stars, action, dinosaurs and more make for alot of laffs.

Barry C (us) wrote: This perhaps serves best as a cautionary tale on why it is dangerous for one person to write, produce, and direct a film. Sure it allows you to have complete artistic freedom but it also means that there is no one in a place to point out when things aren't really working. The plot itself feels like a less successful combination of the Most Dangerous Game and the Seventh Seal all set in a civilization crumbling in the midst of an ice age. The set work is good, the oddly Medieval costuming is at least well done, and Newman's performance is adequate for the character but that isn't really a complement. Ultimately this never really gets to where it was trying to go.

James M (mx) wrote: A manipulative dirge. Only saving grace is the Lionel Richie-Diana Ross theme song.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Foreign Correspondent is a bit of an odd film in that it doesn't fully deliver on the Hitchcock name, but yes it does. It's a movie that a lot of people wanted to make and that a lot of people had a say as to what went into it and what came out of it in the final product. Based on the book "Personal History" by war correspondent Vincent Sheehan, the film takes place towards the beginning of World War II in Europe, and the head-sure reporter who's sent there to find the big story. The film is filled with lots of Hitchcock touches and some fantastic special effects and sequences, but it's probably not in one of Hitchcock's top tier films. It's very, very good without being perfect, especially with the out-of-character patriotic ending that it has.

Arun G (kr) wrote: An interesting French re-take on a much familiar/clichd plot. Gripping for most part, except for a couple of 'makes-no-sense' coincidences and the stretched ending. However, the impeccable acting/tight editing/'no-cgi' action easily make up for that.

Smashproplaya (ca) wrote: Great way to close out the renaissance.

JDouglas M (us) wrote: Definitely a weird movie. Definitely a good gross flick. I loved it.

Dan H (us) wrote: It was ok some funny parts.