Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from Planet Earth

Astronaut Scorch Supernova finds himself caught in a trap when he responds to an SOS from a notoriously dangerous alien planet.

On the planet Baab, dashing astronaut Scorch Supernova is a national hero and master of daring rescues. One day, Scorch finds himself caught in a trap when he responds to an SOS from a notoriously dangerous alien planet and it's up to his nerdy brother to save him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ B (de) wrote: 6/4/2014: Meh. Just having hot girls is not enough. While the acting itself was fine, the story was just ok with an interesting twist in the end.

Chris J (jp) wrote: cant wait to see been waiting on a good funny movie

Harrison W (br) wrote: Man, this movie, throughout a lot of it, was a real downer! It was very well done though, I thought.

Peter K (ru) wrote: This movie was not funny to watch. Overall this film was a total mess.

Eric B (us) wrote: Comedy doesn't come much blacker than this adaptation of a Jules Feiffer play. Elliott Gould is a listless photographer who's so apathetic that he daydreams while being mugged. He meets an energetic optimist (Marcia Rodd, strangely forgotten today) who somehow falls in love with him and is determined to inject him with some pep. But in a city of daily escalating violence, it's hard for anyone to stay smiling for long. The characterizations are arch and hyperrealistic, and the action sustains an aggressively satirical edge. Vincent Gardenia is stellar in his typical role as a protective father with a temper, while Donald Sutherland (as a hippie preacher) and Lou Jacobi (as a God-fearing judge) add dazzling cameos and virtually steal the movie. First-time director Alan Arkin also has a scene as a frazzled detective, but sails far, far over the top.

Cameron M (gb) wrote: so bad its good..or so good its bad? you tell me.

Riccardo R (br) wrote: Visto che stiamo parlando della guerra pi famosa del mondo antico, mi sarei aspettato un film pi epico.Bene Pitt nei panni di Achille, un po' meno Bana in quelli di Ettore.

Thomas W (fr) wrote: Athletic, golden boy Richard has such a fortunate life you'd think the world revolved around him. As the head of his social circle of friends in Dublin, Richard lives it up and parties without a single care in the world ... and as he is young and finishing up his primary studies he doesn't have too much to worry about until college life begins later in the year. When Richard (Jack Reynor - Transformers Age of Extinction) finds himself attracted to the new girlfriend of one of his rugby teammates, he cannot stop himself from flirting with her and letting her know she should be his girlfriend instead. She begins to return the attention but remains torn between both Richard and her boyfriend. Richard's jealousy gets the best of him as he isn't used to be turned down or not getting his way, and one evening at a party him and few other friends act rather unwisely and impulsively which puts them and their futures in serious jeopardy. An examination of privilege and responsibility, What Richard Did feels much longer than its hour and a half runtime as the characters onscreen aren't overly likeable and there are long passages in the film in which little happens other than showing Richard (possibly) thinking. The film leaves one feeling uncertain which is most likely the point but it makes it a difficult one to recommend.

Ana S (nl) wrote: Not sure the creator of the movie knew where his film was going... other than that it's perfect...