Escape from Tibet

Escape from Tibet

On the roofs of a Tibetan monastery two boys let fly a kite, but suddenly a shot rips the relaxed silence, and one of the two guys gets shot, the "Golden Boy" which is the fictitious successor to the Dalai Lama. The monks act immediately and bring him out of Tibet to secure his body. In the meantime, the Berlinese mountaineer Johanna and her Swiss friend travel to the monastery to stay there for some days...

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Dean M (us) wrote: This Hong Kong drama can be easily related to Infernal Affairs (2002) where Michael Tse's role of Laughing Gor is a reprise of Yan by Tony Leung Chiu Wai. I found out this film is a prequel to the Hong Kong's TVB drama. The movie focuses on how Laughing made his escape, and try to avoid the killing from the secret society after the opening scene. The process is short, thus it is back by various flashbacks on the past, such as how Laughing ends up a gangster, Brother Yat's past with the police force, and Laughing's love life with Karen (Fala Chen), the younger sister of Zatoi (Francis Ng). An overdoing of flashbacks has kill the joy of watching the movie, which leads to plenty of confusion.However, with his progressively silly wardrobe changes, Anthony Wong appears to be slumming, and his character's abrupt change in the third act doesn't help matters either. Instead, it's Francis Ng who ends up giving the best performance. Ng's Zatoi will probably end up being a more memorable character than Laughing himself thanks to a well-written twist and a consistently solid performance throughout. On the other hand, without the charm he showed on television, Michael Tse simply spends the film running and acting tough, which doesn't make for a very interesting character.

matt s (es) wrote: Pesci came back for this?! Ugh.

shalia w (gb) wrote: it was a nice movie.But it was kinda stupid cuz in the whole movie it just about the money.I luv the actors but zayed khan look so cute in his movie.I luv the way he acts in the movie.i like the song shana shono.

Nate F (jp) wrote: With this cast, there is no wrong.

Jonathan H (mx) wrote: I liked it. It could of been a lot better tho.

Brett S (us) wrote: Good enough to entertain kids, but teens and adults will find very little to enjoy

Nancy R (ca) wrote: t can anyone tell me how i can get a dvd of chantilly lace? i saw this movie years ago and it is poignant and excellent.

Wes S (jp) wrote: It has the production values of a porno, and it does tend to make you wonder what the purpose of this film was. It's hilariously bad, yet barely watchable for that factor alone. The characters are goofy, the action is awful, and it never fixes on a story-line.

Stephane O (kr) wrote: What? that movie must be missing the last 10 minutes?

Mr D (au) wrote: I can`t believe an Austrian directed this piece of junk. And more unbelievable it is that is dubbed and released in German after the war. The ultimate humiliation for Germany.Completly unrealistic c`mon the Nazis in the jungle to enslave Pandrians. Who have a great simularity with what the jews think they are: A people of great knowledge who just want to be alone. Well the Pandrians actually lived isolated in an undiscovered part of the jungle. You can`t say that about the jews. The funny part in real life the Nazis treated the exotic people many more respect than the Anglo-Americans.

Heather M (ru) wrote: Burt Reynolds - enough said!

Amanda C (mx) wrote: So many films feed us the perfect fairy tale romance. It's so prevalent that the idea a soul mate and the easy relationship have become the expected reality for many. Like Crazy is not a fairy tale. It is the story of two people trying to make it work in the face of massive hurdles. Jacob and Anna go through their honeymoon phase, in their own little bubble, unable to stay away from each other for very long. But youthful ignorance and some poor choices quickly dispatch any notion that this will be another Hollywood ending. Anna and Jacob might be soul mates, and they clearly love each other, but as the obstacles pile up once Anna is deported and they are forced to live on opposite sides of the world, there is no denying that their relationship is no longer easy. It's work. Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin pick up every nuance and detail in their performances that make you root for the couple, but also root for them individually as their lives become separate. Like Crazy gives insight into the reality of relationships with no sugar coating and that is a beautiful thing.