Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity

A psychotic spaceman takes over a deep-space observatory manned by a scientist, his wife, and their teenage daughter.

A psychotic spaceman takes over a deep-space observatory manned by a scientist, his wife, and teenage daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin I (fr) wrote: A sweet and heartwarming film that projects the universal struggles and similarities of young and old in smart hilarity!

Antti V (es) wrote: Hieman keskitasoa parempi musiikkielokuva. Loppua kohden kiiltokuvamaisesti alkanut tarina paljastaa synkempi svyj. Lispiste siit, ett elokuvan yhtyeen soitto kuulostaa oikealta autotallibndin musisoinnilta levymusiikin sijaan. Niin, ja musiikkivideomainen kuvaus ei mielestni aivan toimi. Ei kuitenkaan paha.

Helen M (au) wrote: This is a wonderfully touching film - my best friend & I love it. Rented it on a whim and it was wonderful.

Dylan H (de) wrote: On the one hand, I agree with a lot of the critical reviews of this film, which argue that it gets a little silly towards the end, and the director doesn't seem to be aware of this. On the other, however, it covers a lot of territory you don't often see in Hollywood, and it does well by taking completely seriously and earnestly the premise of a 'surveillance expert' finding a snuff film and being motivated by his conscience to learn more about it. Film critics shouldn't complain about the film being too dark - any efforts to make it more easily consumable would undermine its commitment to the plot. That said, Schumacher didn't exactly go for documentary realism in constructing the supposed underworld of hardcore pornography; there are several locales which Cage's character travels to that are clearly some sheltered Hollywood writer/set designer's vague impression of what, say, an fetish pornography video store would look like, or the lair of a flamboyant celebrity rapist. But, at the same time, Schumacher deserves credit for working within these limitations and not compromising. Cage, who's best work usually involves some sort of self-ruination, plays the character straight and is shown thoroughly emotionally defeated by the end of the film, mainly because his character realised how pointless the series of events depicted in it were. It's brave for any director to make such a nihilistic film in the centre of Hollywood's mainstream, and I give the creative talent involved points for that.

Heiko B (kr) wrote: Sowas macht Laune, astreiner Krimi, super Lsung!

Ron S (de) wrote: I'm giving this a 3 stars for what I can remember . Hey if it was funny at 7 or 8 it must still be OK . I am sure the jokes are not as funny now as they were then but give credit where credit is do this is The Classic Horror Lampoon Movie .

Richard D (it) wrote: This is one of those genre films that was so influential it essentially created it's own sub-genre. Almost every cop film produced during the 70's owed some debt to this film. That's as it should be, since this is a minor masterpiece. Like most of Siegel's films, it's not a ferociously ambitious film, but it's an incredibly well-oiled genre machine ... and Eastwood is the perfect actor to star in it. His performance as Harry Callahan is so iconic that it's difficult to see how different it is from what came before it.

Cronis M (ru) wrote: Brilliantly done on such a small budget with visual cues taken directly from Blade Runner, this science-fiction philosophical action-film touches all the bases neatly and interestingly.

Armando P (ca) wrote: over-the-top acting and brilliant screenplay.

Brian P (jp) wrote: Manamana dodododo! LOL!