Escuela de seducción

Escuela de seducción


"Escuela de seducción" is an acceptable comedy which deals, for the umpteenth time, with the war of the sexes using misunderstandings and fake personalities as dramatic resources. The premise is by no means original, but this is something most films lack nowadays, and therefore the result could have been more than acceptable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johan S (ag) wrote: Trkigare n vad jag hoppats.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: this is the worst superher movie ever made

Artemis C (au) wrote: Good story-telling, great performance, excellent music and photography make this movie wonderful.

Mark M (nl) wrote: A gripping intense film depicting the 13 days in October 1962, during which the United States and the USSR..were on the brink of a domino affect war. Great performances by all. A must see for any history buff.

Rilee S (mx) wrote: My favorite movie since i was a kid. An awesome story that shows the real life struggles of a real bull rider and the people around him

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: Great 1960s madcap comedy like What's New Pussycat and The Russians are Comming. Jerry Lewis is OK but Tony Curtis steels the show.

Mad M (de) wrote: A few flaws, but on the whole it's definitely worth a watch. Great story telling and a thrilling narrative. The acting is pretty good, except Skrein was only a caricature of a thug.

Scott W (fr) wrote: It took me a while to connect to this movie. It wasn't really until the last 30 minutes that I really felt invested. I think part of the issue is that the movie unfolds at a pretty slow pace so I found my attention wandering. I did laugh a fair amount, and especially liked the scene where the brothers stole from the wrong house. I liked that Bob Odenkirk's character turned out differently from the stereotypical successful brother that I expected. As far as Alexander Payne films go, I liked The Descendants and Sideways more, but this one isn't bad.

Sui G (fr) wrote: The Aladdin movies really weren't that bad. And they kept all the same voices (I think) and that's all that really matters. Good movie!!

Gregory W (nl) wrote: the box says, "a gripping thriller" well i found this scottish movie neither gripping nor thrilling but the opposite slow, plodding and rather point;less. heres the formula: sliver+eagle eye-the govt conspiracy=this one.