Espadang patpat

Espadang patpat


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:stepmother,  

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Espadang patpat torrent reviews

Erin V (gb) wrote: Entertaining enough for a boring evening at home!

Melanie A (ru) wrote: I wrote a story by the same title so I was very excited. It sucked.

Paul C (ca) wrote: >>>simply mesmerizing...sad horrific tragic a mind-bending almost traumatizing movie experience... Peter Greene's performance will haunt you & Lodge Kerrigan is a MASTER!

Rodney E (jp) wrote: Finally saw this and it isn't the crappiest movie that the internet critics would lead one to think. Brad Dourif has a borderline performance where you cant tell if he is acting legit or if he is treading ham territory but he is interesting and intense in his tradmarked ways. Hooper's effects are almost a cross between Poltergeist and Lifeforce but on a weaker level. Some of the fire effects do work. The story is kind of interesting but it just doesnt have an effective villain or supporting characters. Still there is some drive-in, late night sleeze that slightly elevates this over a bad horror/thriller movie from the late 80's early 90's

Freddie K (ru) wrote: Although the third act of the film delays and becomes progressively slow. There is so much drama, comedy and wonder to experience in this film that explores human nature and trust.

Augusta G (nl) wrote: Great Movie as far as I am concerned.....

Gabriel P (br) wrote: Chocante, perverso e relevante, "The Stanford Prison Experiment" cumpre seu carter histrico e sua grande importncia para a Psicologia e o entendimento do comportamento humano.

Scott R (br) wrote: I enjoyed this film. I was warned that it was a bit weird, and was persuaded not to see it. Now I am glad I finally did, it was a bit artsy and focused on the visual. It reminded me of Fellini in his later productions with the color and sets. Additionally, the acting was good. Lange was distracting, and so were her sons. But Perkins and Feore were strong. I was happy to see this since I can now say that I familiar with another Shakespeare play.It inspired this poem after I finished the show:For thus does Shakespeare show his fame,In the telling of "Titus",A story that reminds us just the same,Of tragedy on every level,Affecting all who may be round,"I warn you of humanity, for this will be the sound", For thus is life and so it shall be,so feebly are we mortals playing,Oh but playing...Just a small part in this our history,Where our leaders are never pure, Where our leaders are never true,Those leaders who lost their ear for justice, Who previously was their muse.Their Words inspired, Their words aroused,The faculties of our sinews and bones,Reminding us of greater things,Where love and liberty can abound.In these ideas we are so great and yet so small,Limited by our inability to take, and make, It all part of our life and part of our faith,In a world where we are only limited by our appearance and by our weight.However, The Sins of Omission, Our Sins of Commission,Also torment our minds and souls,They make us wonder of our worth and of our reason, for our existence in this hard confusing season.Please help us through this now,is our hope and is our prayer,For rarely do we have that peace,or that guidance, That should always accompany us there,Down that long and lonely road,Of unfulfilled dreams and hopesWhere we all succumb to this treason,That eats and plagues our soulsWhenever we betray this ideal and uncompromising reason.