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Esquilache torrent reviews

Steve H (ca) wrote: Lol in many places worth a watch. Just as much an adult cartoon as it is for kids, if not more.

Leanne E (de) wrote: What an incredible story of one man's life and one book. My instinct tells me Salinger could not live up to the real world so he had to live in his writing. I don't get the young underage girls hanging around, let alone marrying him. That I don't get. That kind of creeps me out.

Gretchen W (es) wrote: This movie sucks. I am watching it right now and I can't tell she will end up with her friend from across the hall William. It is that cheesy and predictable. I can't believe how desperate it paints her out to be. I mean do women really still teach their daughters that marriage is their priority?! Please!! It is just terrible how bad she makes women look. Please I am 39 and never been married and don't want to be. The movie is could have worked if it was funny and had a different plot and some different actors.. Oh well I guess that would be a different movie! LolOf course she conveniently catches Her guy friends girl cheating opening him up for what clever writing!! SMH

Simon P (br) wrote: [Director's Cut] Trashy Nazi sci-fi. A brilliant concept that doesn't achieve its full potential though Iron Sky is consistently amusing and the Visual FX are great for the budget.

mariam k (de) wrote: this movie it so good

Alex G (jp) wrote: I loved this film so fully and completely. The writing and acting are phenomenal. The chemistry between actors is terrific. It captures the ups and downs of relationships with passion.

Dominic V (ca) wrote: I felt the acting was a little dry at times. But the songs, history, and probably straight truth behind all the sex an drugs involved. I actually really like this movie

Katie W (kr) wrote: the movie was alright, hilary duff does a great job acting.I love her, but it was alittle confusing and i think it could have had a better plot. alittle too predictable.

Reno V (it) wrote: BEAST TERRORISES 18TH CENTURY FRANCE - 'Le Pacte des Loups' is a 2001 French film based on the famous legend around the beast of Gvaudain. The story of this horror-mystery is set in the 18th century and the main characters (with exception of Mani) are all real. In the cast we recognize the beautiful Monica Belluci as prostitute Sylvia . The movie won a lot of awards at several film festivals and was a big hit in the United States, where it was named 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'. The length was a bit of a problem for me, but I did enjoy it. I think this was the first French movie is saw, so please see the original version and not the dubbed one. If you like costume films with a twist, you're in for a treat. Gvaudain, an 18th century countryside in France, is being roamed by a horrible creature. Innocent men, women and children are being brutally killed. King Louis XV orders taxidermist Grgoire de Fronsac and his Indian friend Mani to go to the community and capture the beast. After studying the victims, the two of them join the wolf hunt of count de Morangias and meet his beautiful daughter Marianne and his son Jean-Franois, who lost his arm in Africa. As the terror spreads, our heroes learn that the creature is no ordinary wolf. With the help of his martial arts expert Mani and the mysterious courtesan Sylvia (Belluci), Fronsac is determined to find the truth and save Gvaudain...

Riyadh H (fr) wrote: Not one of the best horror films you'll see. It does have a nice balance of gore and story though which elevates its status somewhat. That said, it's certainly a film you can live without.

Orlando D (ca) wrote: Glitter is a collection of a tired, dated storyline, bad dialogue, awkward performances and bad direction. Mariah Carey stars as Billie, in this rags to riches story who is discovered by a hunky JD(Max Beesley, who's Brooklyn accent faulters.)as she is a backup singer for Slyk(Padma Laksmi, who is a dead ringer for former Prince protege Apollonia.)as her star ascents, his declines(so A Star is Born.)directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall who uses too many flash cuts of New York streets it gets old fast, and what is suppposed to be dramatic and emotional comes across as superficial and laughable. Carey does what she can but no real actress can do justice to this film and it's shortcomings.

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Although the play was better, performances from Hoffman and Franz maintain interest.

Robert M (ca) wrote: A well done neo noir that is packed with twists and turns at every corner

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Relatively poor comedy sees Dana Carvey as a conman who is mistaken for a successful executive and Harvard graduate. Best parts here are Carvey impresonating people whose english is a second language. Robert Loggia sports an incredibly orange tan.

Stephen E (br) wrote: From a technical standpoint, "Charley Varrick" is pretty laughable. There are moments where the editing is so bad that you just have to wonder what was going on in the editing room. As well, the cinematography, shot composition, and lighting seem to have been given minor attention from director Don Siegel. Of course, being as "Charley Varrick" is one of those low-budget relics from the 1970s, one can't be so critical about the technicalities. There are elements about the film that are quite enjoyable, such as Walter Matthau's deadpan-like performance and Joe Don Baker's turn as an eccentric assassin. The script is riddled with holes and implausibilities, but all in all, it's a fun, if forgettable, action flick.

Martin G (es) wrote: Pas aussi bon que The Art of Flight mais tout de mme visuellement remarquable ! Les amateurs de ski/snowboards, sports extrme ou tout simplement d'images magnifiques seront satisfais!

Don S (de) wrote: I watched Interview with a Vampire so many years ago I don't even remember it. I ran across this sequel and decided I'd give it a go even though they skipped a book between the two. This is mainstream vampire fluff; average effects with a lesser than average story. Guy forms a band to have fun and wreck havoc on his people. Leads to predictable outcome. Aaliyah showed lots of pluck as the Queen. Not much stands out.

Laura B (ca) wrote: i like this a lot. it's really good classic!


Bill W (gb) wrote: About half and hour in, I was tempted to turn this off because, for one, I was frustrated trying to understand the deep British accents and British slang terms and two, there just wasn't any action to speak of. But after the action picked up, I was captivated by how the soldiers coped with their situation on that sun parched ravine of hellish ground...It was gut wrenching to watch the second half. I couldn't tear myself away.