Essabet el Nissae

Essabet el Nissae

Two Turkish reporters are in Beirut, investigating Lebanese life. They do not find any scoop and are about to leave the country when they discover something juicy, an all-female gang of forgers. Adventure can begin.

Two Turkish reporters are in Beirut, investigating Lebanese life. They do not find any scoop and are about to leave the country when they discover something juicy, an all-female gang of forgers. Adventure can begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron A (it) wrote: An average film that ticks all the basic action film boxes, nothing spectacular or groundbreaking here. Certainly not one to remember... Sorta film you put on at a loose end on a Saturday night with a takeaway.

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Awkwardly satisfying.

October A (au) wrote: i wish i could train marshal arts!

ROXY G (fr) wrote: a charming, funny movie- Nicholson is great in comedy parts!

Oliver F (us) wrote: The film's relaxed but contemplative look at the sociopolitical morals of the drug scene creates a sense of earnestness and honesty unparalleled by most other films

Jeff B (fr) wrote: OK. Perkins played his role well.

horus s (ca) wrote: I remember seeing this in my teens. it's bible, but also down to earth. human flaws still reclaiming faith.

Jason T (ca) wrote: Great Naughty/Funny/Comedy from the 80's, Still waiting 4 it on DVD

Saman G (ag) wrote: a movie about a man and a woman told as it is written in real life. instead of focusing on their story from the moment they met, like in the typical love stories, it is a more mature and understanding storytelling about each of their stories from the past. it is the understanding of their past, living it again, that makes them choose each other and begin their own story. a movie that also shows: if you really want to find the other person, you will find a way. :) great unusual photography and interesting intimate visuals all on perfect eye level.

Mark S (kr) wrote: Talky talky talky. And it's interesting that no one in the movie ever really seemed to care about what was going on around them. There are much better noirs out there for your perusal.

Johan A (de) wrote: Landskapet spelar en (t o m fr vsternfilmer) stor roll i denna mycket vackra och sevrda film. Inte riktigt lika spnnade/mrk som de allra bsta Mann/Stewart-filmerna, men definitivt en film man inte br missa. Vldigt fin dvd-verfring!

Chris M (es) wrote: The Front Lawn Brawl will always be a Classic Fight Scene. ???????????

Maria N (au) wrote: The story has two plots one tells of a Buddhist priest searching for the reincarnation of his dead teacher, while the other tells the story of Siddhartha, the Buddha. The story starts with the n modern-day Tibet and a monk, Lama Norbu, who receives a letter telling him that the reincarnation of his teacher may have been found. When he go to follow the news another monk tells him that he had a dream that their old teacher led him to the same empty spot on a hill over and over again and he point at the hill. One day monk came to the same spot that he had dreamed about and saw a house there. A family lived there with the child name Jesse and monk believe that Jesse is their teacher reincarnated. The monks visit Jesse and gave him the book about Buddha. Jesse's father came to the monks and calls the story of Buddha a myth and while he respect Tibetan culture and religion he does not believe in reincarnation. The monk tries to explain reincarnation to Jesse's father. The monk tells Jesse's father that if Jesse goes to Nepal with them he can become a strong figure in Tibetan culture. Jesse's father got angry and took his son and left. On his way he received a call that his friend and business partner Evan died in car accident. This changed his mind he came home and told his wife that he thinks Jesse should go to Nepal with the monks .he will also go with Jesse. There were also two other candidates for the reincarnated teacher Raju and Geeta. Lama Norbu goes to the Oracle to find out which child is the reincarnation of their teacher. After finding the reincarnation of the teacher Lama Norbu tells Jesse's father that it's his time to rest and he is at the peace now. The highlight of the movie was flashback from Siddhartha s life I think it was done perfectly. They also changed the colors when the present-day scenes from Nepal and the flash-backs to the story of Buddha, everything was warm and done in oranges and reds while all present scenes were done in blue and grayish color. Acting was really good by all actors but my favorite was Siddhartha (Played by Keanu Reeves) gives a balanced performance and never goes overboard. This movie relates to world religion because it has all the information about Siddhartha and how he became Buddha. This movie helps me visualize what I learned in my religion class and read it in the book. This movie also helped me visualize the way people used to dress up back in that time and helped me get into to see the Buddhist culture. This movie helped me a lot with learning about recreation in Buddhism. This movie is very good to learn about Buddhism. It was really educational movie and perfect for world religion class because it did help me learn more about Buddha.

Tommy K (kr) wrote: Again, if I were to do a full-blown review of this one, I would be repeating virtually everything I said in my reviews of both Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With that said, this is undoubtedly one of Disney's greatest and most epic products and is as highly acclaimed as it is for a really good reason.