Esta Não É a Sua Vida

Esta Não É a Sua Vida


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:16 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Esta Não É a Sua Vida torrent reviews

John B (jp) wrote: Great heart-warming rescue story and based on a real story just before Christmas in Canada

Angelica W (br) wrote: What a sad, POS movie..... actually, it can be summed up in one word: yuck.

Dexter H (br) wrote: an all round good film, good soundtrack, relatively good story (although perhaps a little too similar to This is England) and good action squences, worth renting if not buying

Tom B (mx) wrote: Good exciting thriller. Well worth watching :)

Christopher C (kr) wrote: While the movie is your typical story line, this particular movie messes with your mind.

Sarah M (ca) wrote: This was very entertaining and watchable, despite all the basketball. Yes, it had every cliche in the "new teacher in town" and "sports movie" books, but it had more than that. I do wish that the point had been more firmly made that the movie took place in the 1980s, because I just thought that these people were in some kind of fashion vacuum with giant plastic glasses and Dynasty sweaters.

Josas G (br) wrote: Aburridos dialogos no pude terminarla

Kayla S (it) wrote: The ending wasn't the greatest and I didn't understand how her face on her body was so pretty but the spirits face wasn't.

Phil H (br) wrote: The last decent herbie flick before they lost their charm if you ask me, the look and effects are just as cute and charming as the original and the fact its still set in SF makes it feel like a sequel to the first despite a different cast.

Alex M (it) wrote: The choreography by Hermes Pan quite good and always enjoyable. The plot on this one falls short by the second string actors. Astaire and Rogers do great together and I find it interesting that as a romantic couple they never even get a chance to kiss. Seeing such a young Lucille Ball is great and you can see her development into a comedic legend even at this early of her career. The movie drags at times (usually any time Randolph Scott in on screen) but then when things get good the film abruptly ends.

Kim B (fr) wrote: The acting was well done and so was the directing. Had its own sort of style and reminded me of those reader digest mystery books I used to read. It was an intricate story and a murder mystery that by the end ur pleading to know what really happened. Finally u find out what happened. At first I thought Dave had done it but I started to think I was stereotyping and I was. The movie def has some twists. Its easy to find someone guilty who only tells half truths even if they didn't do it. Watching this makes u realize how hard detective jobs are. also that cop realizes the 911 tape doesn't make sense with the her thing and I realized it before he said anything. I was unsettled by how Dave yet again gets victimized and nothing is done. He also gets in a car with two guys yet again when he shouldn't have. First of all the wife shouldn't have said anything to jimmy, she should've went to the police. Second of all the cop shouldn't just let his friend get off scot free bc they grew up together.

Adrian W (gb) wrote: A hilarious military comedy

Sherief Z (mx) wrote: A good low-key drama.

Gabriel C (es) wrote: Superbad is a coming-of-age movie in a class by itself.

Sam M (it) wrote: Perhaps unique even today.