Eternal Beloved

Eternal Beloved

A Jiu and A Ming, two lovers from two enemy families make a pledge to continue their forbidden love in their next life. A Jiu quickly gets reborn but her lover misses his own chance and becomes a homeless ghost. 50 years later, right before A Ming’s next change for rebirth, A Jiu finally shows up. She has become a happily married housewife and has no memory of her previous life…

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Eric P (gb) wrote: great inventive way film making shame story is flat

Brad T (es) wrote: The book, though wonderful, did not transfer well into film; that's about all that can be said.

Dan F (nl) wrote: I really want to like this film more than I do. We made the trip to Ligonier(haha) for the premiere which was a cool little event in an ancient theater. The effort that went into this film to pay respect to the classic universal horror genre is great. The lighting was fantastic, the set designs were right on, and the acting was average for the most part. The biggest let down of the movie was supposed to be it's selling point. The casting of Ron Chaney (Lon Chaney's great grandson) as the lead was a terrible mistake. His acting is horrendous. Despite Chaney, its worth viewing if you're into classic horror. I'm a sucker for any film that has the Wolf Man, Frankenstein's monster, and Dracula.

Eric B (mx) wrote: Another good find...small comedy about a guy just trying to put himself threw prep school...

Jesper K (gb) wrote: Passes the time, thats the positive aspect....

Benjamin J (ag) wrote: This movie poses the question, if the person you loved more then anything became a zombie, would you stay with them till the end?

Tanner M (mx) wrote: To say the least I loved this movie all up to the point when he turns to UberJason. That to me just ruined the movie. Up to then I actually liked this movie. It has its good moments even with the ridiculous plots.

Oscar G (de) wrote: Well, I love Gong Li period, but it was also beautifully filmed. I recently saw it and I've been dancing and singing to every song she did in the movie! Btw, I love how she fights to the end... do NOT fuck w/ Gong Li. ;)

Alex K (nl) wrote: John Cusack Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

Christina E (br) wrote: Not bad! This is what happens when you don't read the instructions. "It's just a game"...until someone gets hurt!

Dylan M (gb) wrote: Such a guilty pleasure...

Scott M (br) wrote: Entertaining underdog sports film. Goldie Hawn put in a good performance. Overlook the fact that Snipes and Harrelson play teenage boys.

Chris C (kr) wrote: Stunning visuals and a well-executed story make this classic 1950's scifi-creature feature one of the best of the "giant bug" monster films of all time.

Scott J (nl) wrote: It's basically Blair Witch meets Nightbreed. Plus, Adam Green may want to stay behind the camera.

Pravin D (jp) wrote: Too much flashbacks effects but good very indie film.

Austin F (es) wrote: 87% Despite laughable CGI zombies, I am legend benefits from Will Smith's incredible performance and is an engaging survival story.

Liam P (us) wrote: Raw, rough and action packed. The Kingdom is a real world political thriller with no real political agenda, allowing both sides to have enough breathing room to make their point, while still bringing sharp, high octane action sequences to boot. Adding up to a solid shoot em up with something else to bring to the table then just blood and bullets.