Ethan Mao

Ethan Mao

Kicked out of his house because he's gay, Ethan Mao returns home to steal and ends up holding his family hostage on a fateful Thanksgiving Day.

Kicked out of his house because he's gay, Ethan Mao returns home to steal and ends up holding his family hostage on a fateful Thanksgiving Day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James P (es) wrote: Seagal's best DTV until Driven To Kill. Back to the days of Hard To Kill and Glimmer Man

Katharine F (gb) wrote: Slight but charming and funny British comedy. Julie Andrews is fab as usual!

Eric P (fr) wrote: This is a pretty good movie my brother likes it

Dean M (ag) wrote: Awesome sequel of Jet Li's kung-fu epic film, but this is plenty of comedy with Jackie Wu who looks like a young Li as his martial arts are fast, crisp and smooth. His character is a bit of a smartass, but it works well within the story. Its a cute story and every five minutes of so...boom great martial arts sequences!Yuen Woo-Ping has directed another highly entertaining period kung-fu movie and the story is fairly typical, revolutionaries and opium smugglers in turn-of-the-century China. Yu Hai and Billy Chow also show up and do some impressive moves. There are a lot of wires as well as authentic wushu and tai chi so be warned. I also liked the fact that there is actually a relationship in this movie that goes somewhere, something I rarely see in a kung fu movie. Sibelle Hu and Christy Chung are also pretty.

Jules H (au) wrote: The film's story and characters are a delight, but Curly Sue is also chock full of low brow humor.Still a pretty good film overall, despite it's lack of wit.

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Genevieve P (mx) wrote: Petit film sympathique et plein de bonne volont, qui prouve que les enfants d'aujourd'hui peuvent croire une histoire mme si elle n'est pas porte par des tonnes d'effets spciaux. ?a rassure...

Bradley H (it) wrote: What seemed like a ridiculous story at the time, about a computer with a mind of its own, has become surprisingly more relevant than the day it was made. Were it shot today, it would be Tracy and Hepburn vs Siri. A delightful comedy featuring two stars at their best and some very funny Ephron family dialogue.

Ryan H (ca) wrote: It'll make you want Godzilla to destroy your TV instead of NYC.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: There is almost nothing as sweet as seeing Mr. Eastwood kicking some marine's ass. Forget the plot, do not seek a quality story and just enjoy it for the sake of Eastwood's famous way of pulling off a badass role in any given context.60/100

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sari p (jp) wrote: It's an OK movie. Very common story, but yet still have its own strength, well maybe because there's Liam Neeson in it ;)

Sanity Assassin (de) wrote: ready the popcorn! fun!

Donna W (es) wrote: Jolene is a sociologically interesting film. It covers many genres: homeless women, fostercare, domestic prostitution, identity, attachment disorder, sociopathy, as well as the journey of someone who grew up without love in progressively learning what love is, what it is not, what safety is, what it is not, the opportunity to derail and the choice to care not to, the opportunities even amidst what seems a desert of inopportunity. The performances are colorful, the characters captivating and diverse. The use of color and landscapes, urban and rural are really artistically done. The dialogue is well written, uncontrived. I'd recommend the film to anyone interested in Sociology, psychology, child development, social work, youth workers, teachers, carers and parents dealing with the thinking and values of vulnerable teenagers and young adults.