Ett anständigt liv

Ett anständigt liv

A decade has gone by and the spirit of the preceding film, , has disappeared...

A decade has gone by and the spirit of the preceding film, , has disappeared... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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i C (us) wrote: 8/10not as good as the first one but still great

Caleb M (es) wrote: For a CHristian production, this isn't half bad. It isn't too cheesy and it isn't predictable. It relies on stereotypes that get a bit annoying and feel cheap and Rhames's character is a bit judgmental, but compared to the junk made for Christian audiences it's pretty good.

M C (jp) wrote: Just cheesy and F/X filled to entertain, but not very good, even in a B-movie sense.

Cha t (it) wrote: Couldn't they stop after 1 ?

Private U (ru) wrote: the 1/2 star is for the one funny thing in the entire movie.. the song making fun of n'sync

Martin M (us) wrote: It becomes a drain watching all these movies about the piss-weak UN - Bosnia, Rwanda etc, though this does have a heavy Western bias. Anyway, this is a pretty decent flick though it lacks clear direction at times and loses the tension in those moments. And if you haven't visited Sarajevo I can highly recommend it.

Sam B (us) wrote: personally...I think lots the best movie in the world

Steve H (de) wrote: Okay, so the score is dated (80's) but the movie is good. It starts as a typical 80's goofy, comedy but transitions into a drama, with humor.

Greg W (br) wrote: another slice of the neo-realism stuff from the late seventies early eighties

Otis S (jp) wrote: Hated this film ! It made no sense at all .

Li S (gb) wrote: I love this movie! I cry everytime.

Christie H (au) wrote: Love Paul walker....lots of action...crazy stunts......recommend

John B (fr) wrote: Wings is something to behold only because it holds the distinction of being the very first Oscar winner for Best Picture. Unfortunately it doesn't hold up anything more than being an historic curiosity. This tale of WWI eventually is done much better in subsequent Hollywood offerings.