Eu Odeio o Orkut

Eu Odeio o Orkut

Jader Bertola (Marcos Kligman) works as an office junior in his uncle's funeral undertaker. He loses everything, including job and his girlfriend (who was not willing to continue with a guy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (kr) wrote: Another grate Fred move where Fred encounters a vampire and ends with a mind blowing twist.(i think Fred shoves a wood javelin into the vampires hart after the twist

Joshua G (au) wrote: Aside from the overly stupid premise, the movie has on par humor that I think few will truly "get." There are some very memorable one liners.

Cdric D (us) wrote: Trs bon documentaire sur la pche, l'levage et l'agriculture en Europe.

Pourya E (gb) wrote: This is the well-told story of a generation, the account of an immigration to a new world for a new life for generations to come. Beautiful cinematography and magical soundtrack.

Alex K (fr) wrote: I Don't Like Michael Moore.

Paula M (mx) wrote: I see from the cd cover that 49 Up is out as of Oct 08, so gotta see it now too...can't get much "realer" in sociological's so interesting time stands still.

juanchi g (it) wrote: very strong, very good!!!

Kenny S (br) wrote: kinda funny ,and theres some charm to it that i kinda like, but when it gets right down to it...yea...its a bad movie.

Joel C (us) wrote: The ultimate action classic

Jamie C (ca) wrote: The soundtrack is the only thing that's remotely good, The film itself is too corny, Silly and boring.

Michael P (it) wrote: I have the Masters of Cinema DVD sitting here but I haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet. Hopefully soon.

Diogo M (it) wrote: It's a gret movie and it's a iconic movie for Portugal

Leon B (jp) wrote: Review:I really thought that Nicolas Cage had finished paying off his debts so he can start making some decent movies, but he obviously hasn't. This really deserved to go straight to DVD because it felt like it was made for TV. The storyline is about a CIA Agent (Cage), who gets brutally tortured by at the beginning of the movie and then it jumps to 2 decades later were he's working as a desktop clerk in the same agency, due to signs of dementia. He then finds out that the dementia is in a part of his brain which makes his condition fatal and he suffers from bad mood swings and memory lose. His fellow agent, played by Anton Yelchin, gets some Intel that points to Cages torturer, still being alive, due to the fact that he is getting medicine from a doctor for his fatal condition, so they end up on the hunt for this man whose in hiding. I was waiting for ages for something to happen and when it does, it's not that brilliant. The acting was very average and the movie seemed cheap and I personally found it uninteresting. The director tried to be clever by adding different elements, like Cages illness and his worried ex-lover helping them, but it still was boring and it just seemed to drag. The little bits of action were also disappointing and it ended very abruptly after this big build up of a crap showdown. Disappointing!Round-Up:Oh Dear! Cage has really hit rock bottom and I can't see how he's going to get out of this slump. The fact that his acting is still quite good, makes his films even worse because of the terrible scripts and poor storylines. Its blatantly obvious that he's starring in these films for the quick payday and you can tell that he's not giving his all. Its been ages since he's made a good movie and with the terrible Ghost Rider and Wicker Man in his portfolio, I would personally take a break from movies for a while. Anyway, I didn't mind Anton Yelchin's character in this movie because he seemed to be the only person with any common sense, but I honestly don't understand why they would put someone with a severe brain condition, in such a delicate operation. All the way through the movie you can see that his mental capabilities are getting worse but they still go ahead with capturing the terroist even though they are in a life threatening situation. This is what made the movie unrealistic and I really didn't think it was that good.Budget: $5millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers about a ex CIA agent who sets out to capture the terroist that damaged his life. 2/10