Eucaristia - O pão da Vida

Eucaristia - O pão da Vida


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  • Release:2011
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Eucaristia - O pão da Vida torrent reviews

Sumant S (br) wrote: In the land of bollywood, where nearly all the movies made are high on romance with loud songs and dance quotient, Dev.D is a revelation.Its a contemporary and psychedelic love story of the modern day, the first of its kind in bollywood. And the best part is that the story is an adaptation of an age old novel Devdas, which has been played many times on the big screen, the recent being Sanjay Bansali's Devdas played by Shahrukh Khan.Still Dev D is completely new and refreshing. The modern day Devdas played by Abhay Deol is simply superb. This is backed up by the amazing direction of Anurag Kashyap who emphasizes more on the psychological aspect of the characters rather than the emotional aspect. The result is a more real to life story rather than the regular melodramatic stuff of bollywood.The narration of the plot is also a first of its kind in bollywood. The soundtrack which boasts of 18 tracks of different genres are all excellent, thanks to Amit Trivedi. Go for it and get submerged in Emotional Attyachar !!!

IOnell S (fr) wrote: Repugnante historia del trfico humano que an sufrimos en este mundo. Rabia da pensar que la gente que se supone confiamos es la que nos traiciona. Rachel como siempre fantstica

Dustin G (de) wrote: Really more of a dissertation from Moore about his Shamanistic views on the physical and spiritual world as we know it, than about his comic writings, the information he shares about his comic works is good, and his reading of the first few pages of Watchmen as Rorschach is the best Rorschach reading ever. But because I don't share the same views as Moore, who is a self proclaimed magician, on life and humanity, the rest of the film is quite boring and hard to remain interested in.

DG j (ag) wrote: Having mastered basketball, football, and soccer in his last three films, this time Air Bud heads out to the baseball diamond. Once again following in the footsteps of his teenage owner, Bud becomes a Little League star. However, crisis strikes when it is discovered that Bud's puppies, now fully grown and living with other families, are being stolen. Now, Air Bud must put down his bat and glove and try to solve the case of the missing pups.

Alexis K (br) wrote: ...A woman full of joie de vivre, living in a small fishermen's village, being always misunderstood, even by her man. Valeria Golino in a wonderful role and a film both poetic and realistic.

Marisa R (au) wrote: I am sorry but this one sucked. With the exception of Rekha's participation, the whole thing was a disaster in my opinion. The role of Zubeidaa follows the typical capricious female character so common in mainstream Bollywood. I don't think Karishma is any special at all; having abrupt explosions of emotion is not acting... no wonder Aamir Khan refuses to go to the awards.. I still can't understand how Karishma got the best actress for this. Quite frankly, it seems her fair skin and green eyes are good enough...and the photography is awful, bad scenes, bad sequences.. not for those who enjoy the good Indian thought-provoking productions.

Rachael D (nl) wrote: pretty good, would've been way better if they would've used more facts and less fiction...

Christopher A (ca) wrote: Horrible. Horrible. Didn't even finish it.

Randa B (fr) wrote: It looks like most people hated this film but gave it four stars anyway. I am not afraid to point out the emperor is naked. This movie is a hot mess. I appreciated the use of lights & color to show the regression & some cases progression & growth of characters & mood but sheesh this one is right up there with "My Own Private Idaho." What a horrible horrible waste of my life watching it. It's, I'd say #3 on the list of worst movies I've ever seen. I am am interested in seeing Ice Nymphs though.

Ben R (jp) wrote: Mom And Dad Save The World: 0.4/10 A big zit on the face of the 90's, like the macarana and O.J. Simpson.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Leviathan was released when there were several deep sea films coming out the same time, most notably The Abyss, and least notably, Deep Star Six. It's actually kind of surpising at how many great people are not just in front of the camera, but behind it as well. Besides George P. Cosmatos directing, you also have a score from Jerry Goldsmith and production design from Rob Cobb. Rather fitting since this seems to be a combination of both stories from Alien and The Thing. The acting is pretty decent, and there are some great cheesy one-liners, as well as Peter Weller's robotic performance. Richard Crenna and Daniel Stern also pull off some good perfromances. The designs and look of everything is great, but it's the story that lacks: nothing new, and nothing incredible either. It's enjoyable, for sure, but don't expect a masterpiece.

Brian P (jp) wrote: Not a very good movie.....

kara w (br) wrote: touching moments...and then funny ha ha... especially growing up at a boarding school :]