Eugene Prescott is a lonely man who desperately wants to make a connection with the world and people around him. Like most people he just wants to love and be loved. Tormented by loneliness and a deep need to connect with others, Eugene searches outside of himself for the answers only to find himself more perplexed by his confused sexual tendencies and repressed childhood memories. As the shield of his denial becomes stripped away, Eugene directs his rage inward. After a failed attempt at dating and an encounter with a hooker, Eugene s search leads him to the streets of Hollywood where he meets Josh, a young hustler who turns tricks to support a heroin habit, and Heather, a beautiful soft core porn model who dreams of starting a new life.

A psychological thriller about a lonely bachelor who befriends a young hustler and his girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eugene torrent reviews

Ian C (ca) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable romantic drama.

Private U (nl) wrote: Loved Priyanka & Kareena's Acting too good! also akshay did a good role also!!!!!

Jeff K (gb) wrote: Great performance by Bale, the scenes were he shares his thoughts on well known musicians as he prepares for murder is top notch.

Joe W (ag) wrote: This was such a wonderfully done film! Daniels & Paquin nailed it with the father daughter chemistry between them. The flying sequences were some of the most stunningly beautiful & amazingly realistic cinematography shots I've seen on film thanks to the brilliant work from cinematographer, Caleb Deschanel

Priscilla S (gb) wrote: oedipus wrecks <3

Bryan T (jp) wrote: Slow and a bit clunky, but for some reason, I still kind of enjoyed it.

Mary B (gb) wrote: I gave this movie a try because of the 71% RT rating, as well as because the actors were ones who I associated with being in good movies, especially British ones. This movie was preposterous and illogical, and I am surprised that any actor would be part of this mess of a movie. I gave 2 stars because there was some potential for good story telling at the very beginning.