Europe '51

Europe '51

Is a provocative, haunting, and compassionate examination of the isolating and often misunderstood path of personal redemption and spiritual service in contemporary society. Composed of alternating sequences of daytime and nighttime episodes, the film presents a recurring visual dichotomy that illustrates the polarizing division between wealth and poverty, spirituality and materialism, vanity and humility, selfishness and benevolence.

Irene Girard is an ambassador's wife and used to living in luxury. After the dramatic death of her son, she feels guilty of having neglected him and feels compelled to help people in need who cross her path. One day she offers shelter to a man who is evading justice, and she ends being arrested herself. Her husband, for the sake of social propriety, arranges for a doctor to declare her insane. Irene escapes one prison to enter another, and to reflect on what sort of society she lives in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tralandra T (us) wrote: Podobalo mi sie. Momentami te zarty to kiepskie raczej. Takie typowe i oczywiste. No niesmieszne po prostu. Ale sa i dobre zarty. Podczas ogladania myslalam o tym, ze scenariusz jednak na sztuce sie opiera. I sztuka lepsza pewnie. Sytuacja, dialogi, postacie pasuja mi wlasnie do teatru. nie moge sie doczekac, az ja zobacze.

Caiti L (ca) wrote: Super interesting. I don't think I could ever be a 'real' hippie... Not even close.

Shark M (es) wrote: It isn't horrible, but it is bad.

Jennifer L (kr) wrote: I Realy Enjoyed This Movie, And I Had To Buy It.

David J (gb) wrote: Dreadful and disgraceful!!!

Michael W (it) wrote: Bronson delivers again as a secret agent uncovering gunrunning and gold swindling aboard a train. I think he went over three decades without doing a below-average movie. Good theme and a very notable cast, including legendary toughs Robert Tessier and Ed Lauter and sports legends Archie Moore and Joe Kapp.

Jennifer B (us) wrote: Oscar wins best supporting actor Red Buttons and best supporting actress Miyoshi Umeki

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Sayer F (es) wrote: It's actually so horrendous that it ends up being "roll on the floor laughing" funny, and I think that's what the creator wanted people to do, so then, in doing so, he created a comedic masterpiece that's incredibly cheesy, but incredibly hilarious, and even clever.

Adrian L (kr) wrote: Thumbs up for the old fellas.

Jessica H (au) wrote: His film was way ahead of its time in so many ways.

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