Eva - den utstötta

Eva - den utstötta

A girl of 14 is embarrassing her foster parents. She exposes herself to a homeless and police. It turns out that the girl has had sex with various men in exchange for a little kindness and ...

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Eva - den utstötta torrent reviews

Bud B (es) wrote: pretty good. kept me laughing. .

Anil T (it) wrote: Ok, I took the time to watch this film for two reasons: 1. It was filmed right here in Manitoba. 2. An ex-boss of mine is in this. It's a pretty typical fight club/prison type of film with a lot of fighting Vinnie Jones plays the ringleader, and he gives his usual performance.. For those who are into the whole MMA scene, this film has a handful of notable fighters: "Sugar" Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Cheick Congo, Kimbo Slice, and "El Dirte" Joe Doerksen all make appearances. It's worth watching if you enjoy this type of thing.

Eva G (mx) wrote: I see why it's good, but to me it was just very slow moving and depressing.

Ahmed H (de) wrote: Very silly and deep comedy drama, amazing performance by Will Ferrell.


Chris W (de) wrote: With its gothic atmosphere and Cthulu-esque subject matter, Dark Waters manages to be a slightly above average horror flick only hampered by a cheesy score and the occasional slow-moving scene.

Allan C (mx) wrote: This film desperately wants to be a Roman Polanski psychological thriller, but ends up coming across as a Lifetime Channel thriller, albeit a slickly made one. Bridget Fonda plays a 1990s New York career gal who breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, Steven Weber. She puts out an ad for a new roommate and gets Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has all sorts of red flags that she's crazy and yet somehow no one seems to do anything to get rid of her. Leigh becomes obsessed with Fonda and slowly tries to become her, wearing her clothes, taking her hairstyle, to the point of trying to share her boyfriend's bed. Director Barbet Schroeder is certainly capable of making a smart film (i.e. "Reversal of Fortune" or "Barfly"), so I think I'll lay blame on the script by Don Roos, which seems implausible, corny and predictable. It's a bad script that's surrounded by some superb talent. Some of that talent includes one of my all-time favorite character actors, Stephen Tobolowsky, as a creepy sexually harassing boss. There's a fine score by Howard Shore, and the film was shot by Luciano Tovoli, who also photographed the amazing "Suspiria" and "Tenebrae." Not believable, not suspenseful (until maybe the end), but it's slickly made and kind of pretty to look at.

M M (ag) wrote: Similar to other alternate-reality movies that came out around the same time. The Matrix, Existenz, The Thirteenth Floor, etc. The only movie I enjoyed more would be the first Matrix. Pacing is a bit slow at times, but overall a very enjoyable mind-trap.

Leslie G (mx) wrote: Leuk verhaal,vooral de mooie beelden en de grappige uithalen zijn heel tof,ook wel beetje romantisch.

Henry Hull H (jp) wrote: It was ok but the lame humor killed it. Thank goodness for Reeves perfomance as Superman.

Alfin N (gb) wrote: Can't have any privacy, even when trying to commit suicide inside a forest in Japan.