Eva's Eye

Eva's Eye

While Eva Magnus and her daughter, Jenny, are taking a walk, they discover a dead body floating along the riverside. Eva runs to the nearest phone booth and pretends to call the police. Then she leaves the body for someone else to find. Why? Konrad Sejer, the police officer investigating the case, links it to another unsolved murder of a woman killed in her bed. A woman that used to be a childhood friend of Eva Magnus.

While Eva Magnus and her daughter, Jenny, are taking a walk, they discover a dead body floating along the riverside. Eva runs to the nearest phone booth and pretends to call the police. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gaspar O (ca) wrote: C and Judd scraping the bottom of the paycheck barrel again. I'll go 2.5 just 'cause I like Squatchin' and I like C.

Solomon E (ca) wrote: the books are great...mostly.

Jerico T (es) wrote: Good effects and the scientific shit apocalypse is good also.

Sabrina S (au) wrote: a lil reluctant. to actually. say i liked it but its creative on the demented side.

Dawn G (gb) wrote: I heard alot of great things about this movie, but never got around to seeing it. I really enjoyed it, interesting storyline and actors, especially Konkona Sen Sharma.

MF J (ca) wrote: Excellent film1 brilliantly done & acted by two marvelous young newcomers. You will definitely see El Che differently after watching this ode to freedom & travels.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Re-watched this one awhile back with a friend who'd never seen it, and I have to say that I maintain my initial impression, that it's easily one of the best werewolf films in many years, an interesting take on the mythos and something that really deserves to gain a wider audience. Pleased to won in on the recently released Scream Factory Blu-ray!Recommended.

Anders A (de) wrote: Guillermo del Toro is a man to be fascinated by, his deep interest in the dark and the occult are becoming reality in Hellboy. The film starts with the German occult Thulee society with their black magic research. From witch Hellboy are getting born, just in the wrong hands. The Hollywood cliches never reaches this movie, all the stupid small "funny" lines are cut out, and all in all too consider this comic adaptation, its above pair. Guilleros love for Pearlman has been dated back since "Cronos" and are here paying off for Pearlman as the main character. Relaxed and cool, Pearlman do his own thing with great result.

Elvira B (de) wrote: Pola X is based on Pierre:, or the ambiguities , written by Herman Melville in the 1850s, in a departure from what he is best known for (namely, Moby Dick). In my opinion, it is a story truly ahead of its time, a forerunner of so many introspective yet combative writers and poets of the 20th century avant-gardes. In this adaptation it is set in the 2000s: a young writer who has a close to idyllic lifestyle: he was born into a wealthy family and is about to marry his lovely girlfiend, Lucie. He comes and goes from his decadent, widowed mother's country house at will. He writes and rides his motorcycle across the outskirts of Paris. His first book is a cult sensation among the young audiences. Leos Carax draws him as a spoiled Rimbaud at the brink of a creative outburst that is bound to happen, only we still don't know how or why.One day, after a series of strange, ambiguous episodes, he meets Isabelle, who claims they are half-brothers separated at birth. She speaks with an Eastern European accent, and is dressed in rags, emaciated; she represents fragility and helplessness in a way that is irresistible for Pierre. He, who has had everything, is suddenly in the position to transfer his security -to support- someone else. He finds inspiration in the prospect of beginning a new existence, away from luxury or familial ties.Brotherly tenderness and a strong sexual desire intertwine and give shape to an appropriately ambiguous co-dependent relationship. Pierre leaves his mother and his fiance behind, and tries to make a living for Isabelle and himself. The two of them go live in a strange residence for marginal artists. Pierre decides that he will write a novel about the ugly truth of the world, but perhaps it is too much for him to take.Pola X is a film of very dense substance that finds itself at odds, sometimes, with an almost too obvious attempt at reproducing a gritty, somber aesthetic. At times it borders on dreary pop-goth. It is totally postmodern in that it tends to go too many places at once; tries to be intellectual but also anti-intellectual, distant but sensual. The result is a very erotic, thought-provoking, but inconsistent film. It has moments of lush cinematography and a wonderful eye for human expressions, as well as Guillaume Depardieu's memorable performance as Pierre. A lesser actor would have made the film sink.Luckily, because of its source material, Pola X is not a predictable film about a mad artist. Pierre's juvenile, innocent approach to the "ugly" truths of life and his intelligence, that falters under their weight, seem somehow new and authentic. His development, supported by Depardieu's performance, may not be completely unexpected, but it is natural in the same way that some people's self-destruction can usually be foreseen -although in the end we are always amazed that it actually happened. I don't even think it is necessary to talk about the rest of the characters, not even Isabelle (Katerina Golubeva) or Marie, Pierre's mother, played unceremoniously by Catherine Deneuve. For better or worse, they are by-standers, catalizers and/or witnesses of Pierre's confrontation with his own pyschological turbulence. He wanted to show the world its ugly side, but had not quite seen it himself.Incest is apparently one of the polarizing topics in Pola X. The film would not be as unsettling and would not pose as many questions as it does without that theme, but I would hardly say Pola X is a film about two half-brothers in love. At least not exclusively. Pierre is torn by guilt and love, but this is not the cause of his fatal affliction. It starts way back, when he lies lazily on his mother's bed, being caressed, a grown man like a little boy, with a sense of being kept in the dark.I have so little to say about Pola X's visual aspects. Art direction and cinematography are as good as they can be, there are never shortcomings, and although there was some awkward compostion at times, it was never a terrible thing. Some scenes of Pierre walking with a stick and wading against the winter weather come to mind as visually memorable...But, as I said, I think I appreciate the film more for a story I could empathize with or found original and thoughtful than for its style. Or for having a pretty graphic sex scene. I don't know what or why anything was gratuitious -or whether nothing was. Many things seemed to be in disorder, but perhaps Leos Carax meant this disorder? It isn't easy to figure out whether there is a hidden logic, like with David Lynch films in which the structure exists but is too hiden. I would dare say Pola X was instinctively put together, but while I watched iIt just didn't seem to concern me. To me, it is an interesting, emotionally aggressive film, and that's what I would recommend it as.

Eric H (kr) wrote: The best thing about this film is it was Steve Carell's feature film debut. The worst thing about this film is it was John Hughes's final film as a director.Curly Sue will steal your heart... till you don't have one anymore. And then, heartless, you'll seethe in anger watching one of the worst examples of class envy ever made.

Philip H (jp) wrote: FANTASTIC.........Sutle TRUTH

Kevin D (nl) wrote: nicely vicious mid 80s actioner. typical of the low rent market that could get as savage as it wanted. A rare lead role for Busey as a hero and he is very convincing. the use of the survivor song is painfully corny

Jacob B (mx) wrote: Visually stunning, funny, dramatic, adventurous and exciting Up is a great film. Ed Asner's vocal performance as Carl Fredricksen is great, Christopher Plummer does a good job of voicing the villain Charles Muntz and the rest of the cast is entertaining. Pete Docter does a good job of directing this movie and manages to allow the film to appeal to audiences of all ages with one of the best things to come out of this movie being its emotional moments predominantly in the dialogue-free love story between Carl and Ellie. It demonstrates how Pixar are great at what they do and the viewer may want to dwell up with tears. All in all, Pixar did yet another great job. Although I haven't reviewed it yet, I still think this film deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture more than The Hurt Locker. But this movie's still pretty fun.

Gabriel L (au) wrote: Another classic I hadn't seen, and which I have been very satisfied by.

Howard B (br) wrote: The bizarre tale of a loser made in to a successful intellectual by a strange genius pill that, oh what surprise, has side effects. Silly? Yes; but actually very interestingly delivered thanks to some stylish direction that conveys the effects on Bradley Cooper's character fantastically, launching from a mellow slow start to a story told in a sea of breathless montages, clever cuts and inventive camera work. The plot has not got a lot to offer up beyond the lead's character development and De Niro is somewhat under used here, but there are still some well delivered twists and turns along the way to keep it from becoming aimless.

Wilman A (fr) wrote: Won in oscar 2002 for best leading actress by Halle Berry. Very great and deep movie. A lesson for life is the main idea. All aspects of human feeling appear in this movie,we can see the feeling of angry,sad,happy,confuse,shock and many all. This is the story about a people who must feel the cruel of life.struggling for lost and how to keep strong. Very great in connecting few of stories until it blend to be one. Unpredictable ending and the sweet one.recommended movie!one of the most realistic movie i've ever seen.