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Diane H (nl) wrote: It's not laugh-out-loud funny by any means, but it held my attention.

Stephani H (mx) wrote: Hmmmm...I may have to make Jackie and Cody see this with me. This has blog review written all over it.

Pedro C (mx) wrote: Great drama, well executed.

Anne G (br) wrote: Totally absorbed in the simple plot. Believable characters and a low-key humour. Great pity not many people will see this one. Loved it.

Mike M (nl) wrote: Takes a while to find its comic groove, then delivers a run of chucklesome scenarios that, collectively, offer a light sending-up of stern Latin patriarchal values... It's a little cosy, closer in tone to "Malcolm in the Middle" (self-assured youngster becomes voice of familial wisdom) than the uncanny item a Pasolini or Bunuel might have fashioned from such an ostensibly bourgeois-baiting set-up: Luna approaches this only once, with the jarring image of Abel and his mother in bed together, sharing what look disconcertingly like post-coital cigarettes. By the denouement - a frightening encounter with the adult world that confirms Abel is, after all, still a child, and thus likely to venture out of his depth - normal service has been resumed; the consolation is that what's gone before has displayed a fair bit of the infectious mischief to be found in Luna's previous on-screen activity.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: A nice guy with a heart of gold, a boy scout nearly, has one remarkable talent: the ability to bring the ultra-violence. Scott plays this believably, and thus the gorefest that follows is forgivable, and thus the sneaky charm of this work. The cast are all given room to inhabit their characters and so the audience is allowed to root for the near mindless violence ladled out before us. Friggen insidious.

Adrian M (au) wrote: Cool idea. Entertaining low budget movie.

Vivian L (us) wrote: An interesting look at a family, and Rosie O' Donnell really works her magic here

MarionLouise H (jp) wrote: Funny and a good capture of not knowing what you have till you've lost it.

Cyndy N (ag) wrote: Wonderfully crafted movie, wouldn't want anyone to miss the imagery

Haytham K (ru) wrote: This is a nice movie with exceptional cinematography. A virtual travelogue of Moroccan life. One memorable moment is when America's song "Horse With No Name" pops up while Julia and the girls are hitchhiking across the desert.

Frankie M (ag) wrote: This movie is bomb...Armand Assante played an awesome John Gotti, I also liked how they casted actors that actually physically look like the real life gangsters, the only thing I didn't like is how they confusedthe gangsters in their ranks

Tim R (au) wrote: A big fucking waste of time

Emod L (de) wrote: 62%Its main character steals the show and the story is still thin, but this sequel's change of setting and better pacing make it a large improvement over its predecessor.

Judy T (jp) wrote: great remake of a classic. a rare remake done right

Declan H (au) wrote: This movie is far better now than it was back in 1993. The film's future of 2032 is more focused on the greater good for the group, not unlike our modern world. Compare it to the 90's when things were more about the individual. People didn't care what happened to other people. But now, more than ever, people care more about what happens to others. The thing about this movie is that, aside from Phoenix, there is no real antagonist or villain. The citizens of San Angeles and the underground rebels have good and bad people, and neither side is 100% right or wrong. Both sides have heroes and villains. This is a very smart movie disguised as a dumb dick flick, and it is a rockin' good time.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Didn't like the dude at first but when i knew his background it was better to view !

Kevin B (gb) wrote: All 1 1/2 stars are for the 80s cheesiness (enjoy it before it wears out its welcome) and for Gene Simmons and Ozzy--who are actually good for the 5 min they are on screen.