Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction

Eve is a military robot made to look exactly like her creator, Dr. Eve Simmons. When she is damaged during a bank robbery, the robot becomes an unstoppable killing machine. Colonel Jim McQuade is assigned to stop the robot and with the help from Dr. Simmons they have to predict where she will go next.

A terrorist hunter is hired by a scientist to deactivate her android double, a walking, talking, murderous nuclear bomb which has gone amok in the big city and is about to explode. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikos R (gb) wrote: Despite some commendable performances, Ouija: Origin of Evil isn't particularly engaging or original, while the creepy atmosphere early on in the film turns into unintentional laughter by the end.

Sou L (es) wrote: Nice choise of actors, very similar to what i expected to see. Haralambopoulos may've borrowed a lot from europian productions, but he is tallented enough to adjust it to Greek likings. My 3,5 stars is the biggest rate i've ever put to a Greek movie. At list it doesnt bore you.

khurram m (br) wrote: good effort. beautifully directed., and most importantly, true story. good job....

Lisa T (kr) wrote: Looks like Robin Williams in his element

Private U (ag) wrote: decent live action, and i am a die hard go nagai fanatic. could have been more accurate, but nothing seems to transfer properly into movies anymore.

Vikram T (mx) wrote: Agreed with the person below. however, Bhadarkar did not finish his trio after this film. he left it alone with the Konakana sen film forgot the name

Gordon R (ru) wrote: More of the same in this sequel to the 1999 teen comedy. This time the guys get summer jobs and party. Not much else takes place except a few funny gags in between.

Tinouche N (au) wrote: Behtarin filme Trilogish, be nazare man

Coxxie M (gb) wrote: This was meant to appeal to that warhol-ish, "fuck me, im original." crowd. but if this was a book, and it looks like it might have been, then it wouldn't be very shocking at all since the characters talk like the kids in the hall in one of their bitchy, whatever sketches. your brain has to have a hole in it big enough to shove applesauce into with a wooden spoon if you have any hope of knowing what the fuck the movie means. anyway, its nice and pretty. and original and shit... once you see it you'll realize "oh, so Lady Gaga DID'NT come up with the idea for those ugly stupid costumes?"

Walter M (jp) wrote: Directed by Roberto Rossellini, "Blaise Pascal" starts in 1639 as Etienne Pascal(Giuseppe Addobbati) is appointed to govern Normandy by the king, in the wake of a civil war, to keep order and collect taxes. After he fires an assistant for being corrupt, he turns to his 17-year old son Blaise(Pierre Arditi) for help with the accounts. Not only can the young man do figures in his head, but he also completes a difficult geometry proof that brings him great renown. That is only the beginning as Blaise also invents an adding machine. While not the most lively of productions, "Blaise Pascal" intelligently recreates history and the everyday life of the 17th century where superstition was the explanation for everything, especially for any ill, blaming such on Satan and his representatives on earth, witches. There were so many such cases that there was a months long backlog.(Of course, being a woman in general at this time meant having absolutely no rights. For example, Blaise's sister Jacqueline(Rita Forzano) has to even get permission to enter a convent and is kept away from any higher learning.) What Blaise Pascal does in his short lifetime is innoculate humanity from such backward thinking with scientific inquiry and observation, allowing humanity to accurately observe the natural world around them and make their lives that much better.

Michael T (au) wrote: Bunuel's ground-level examination of poverty and juvenile delinquency is stirring and still very relevant over six decades on...

Kyle M (kr) wrote: I give it a solid 3-3.5. A military, Nazi-esque propaganda film, as if from within the deranged universe [that we never really see] that the film takes place in. Likely with the intent of recruiting new troopers. On this level of old-style, unsubtle propaganda, I suppose it is successful. However, although that makes the film clever, it does not mean I overly enjoy or connect to sitting through such propaganda pieces. It was reasonably enjoyable but its limits as a film are directly proportional to its success in what it aims to do. As a pro-military [satire-played-straight] piece it eschews nearly all sensitivity and can be gruesome and disturbing in the thoughtless violence. Again, though, this is a success going by the premise of the existence of the film. As an aside, it is noteworthy and actually genuinely admirable the gender neutrality/equality of the film in terms of the portrayal of the characters within the film... I find it fantastically refreshing the way that was played out. So strange, for such a backwards-looking film to have such a forward-looking idea played so well. In any case: the film is solid but its enjoyment has limits set by its very premise.

John S (ru) wrote: Remember the early days of colour tv, when Sunday afternoons were filled with cheapo Disney vignettes starring rascally vermin getting into all kinds of home alone mischief? Pesky raccoons in the kitchen? Sly foxes in the den? Silly monkeys in the dining area? How about man-eating lions in the family room?Meow.What the hell was Noel Marshall thinking way back in 1981? Not only did he invite lions into his home, but tigers, cheetahs, and cougars as well, and then his whole family, just to see what would happen. You can't make this stuff up. Marshall, a Hollywood producer ("The Exorcist"!), his animal rights advocate wife/actress Tippy Hedron, and their chirpy kids, actually lived with several big cats (mainly zoo castoffs) in their California digs, before they decided to take it to the next level.Hoo boy.The ensuing movie features about 150 carnivorous felines chasing the family in very close quarters, in what amounts to a bizarre comedy snuff film. Hilarity vies with sheer terror for screen time as the cats turn from chummy snuggling to full on attack mode."No animals were harmed in the making of this film, but 70 people were"!That includes a cameraman who was scalped, and daughter (future starlet) Melanie Griffith who required facial reconstructive surgery. That's the back story, the front story is almost as crazy. Since the unpredictable cats dictated onscreen action, coherent shooting was next to impossible . There must have been a plot, but as years passed (17 in fact), budgets ballooned, and workers fled for their lives, what was left was a mishmash of chase scenes. But what chase scenes. Up close and very personal, "Roar" is an unsettling series of vignettes in glorious technocolour, that is always on the precipice of real life tragedy. Like "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", if Marlin Perkins got mauled in the bush. There is absolutely no way to keep your eyes off the screen. Is the public ready for this three decades on?We may never be ready.- hipCRANK

Nicole H (nl) wrote: Went to see this with a group--- and so thankful we did! Finally a positive movie-- well written from multiple angles! Will be buying this as soon as it comes out on dvd! :)

Ryan S (es) wrote: I didn't mind it but I do think it would have been a bit better if the characters didn't do the usual horror movie let's split up thing it just annoyed me to much in this film... I liked the mythos behind the movie however they don't get into it to much and I feel like that could have made it a bit better... A lot of jump scares lol...