Set in a dirt-poor neighborhood in the fictional city of San Lovisa, Texas, EvenHand tells the story of two very different cops, working together for the first time. Rob Francis, recently divorced, finds the adjustment from his previous assignment in "Sleepytown" difficult. With his new partner, the volatile Ted Morning, he spends his days breaking up domestic disputes and attempting to make sense of a parade of lowlifes, firebugs and junkies. Morning is the original Texas cowboy, all muscle and bravado: arrest 'em first, ask questions later. The characters and events in EvenHand subtly intertwine until Francis and Morning must both face the consequences of their very different approaches to the job. Filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas, EvenHand is a police story, but it's not about car chases or shoot-outs. It's about two cops struggling to survive in a world where, without warning, numbing routine can give way to primal fear.

Set in a dirt-poor neighborhood in the fictional city of San Lovisa, Texas, EvenHand tells the story of two very different cops, working together for the first time. Rob Francis, recently ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gordon C (us) wrote: Maybe a bit too mumblecore for me. It has its moments, a few offbeat jokes that work, but I had trouble keeping interested in where the thing is going. Carrie Brownstein did a solid job.

Angela S (mx) wrote: Amazing movie and so sad....we must always remember to thank our troops for what they do!!!!

Peter P (es) wrote: Watched the first 20 minutes, the desciption of the movie said futuristic cowboys, I was hoping for new levels of cheesyness, I was lied to, so I turned it off, cause it was just a low budget western. Sad.

Private U (es) wrote: Colorful, vibrant, in-your-face...once again proving Espaolas are the real men in Spain!

Jamie I (nl) wrote: I don't know what you thought of some of the crazy stunts but I didn't find them obnoxious in the least. Bruce Willis still has McClane flowing through his blood and this time around he's given a rather different addition in hacker, Matthew, Justin Long. They make a good match. McClane plays father figure to Matt supplementing this relationship for his shattered father/daughter relationship which incidentally is healed as soon as she's kidnapped by Thomas Gabriel (the beautiful Timothy Olyphant). After the kidnapping she can't stop singing praises about a father she told earlier in the flick to get lost. She's annoying. Long and Willis are awesome and there's even a nice cameo by Kevin Smith playing paranoid conspiracy theorist hacker, Warlock. Props to the costume department here. Olyphant, for as evil as is, is dressed quite deliciously. I say see this flick if you haven't already. It's good clean fun.

Don S (ag) wrote: Though I adore Brittany Murphy (it still upsets me she will never reach her potential) and the bountiful shots of her cleavage here, this movie didn't work for me. The acting isn't bad, but there really was no chemistry between Murphy and Fanning. I didn't find it funny, which is a cardinal sin for a movie listed as a comedy. The pace is too slow; the script tried too hard for whimsy. Overall, it attempted to manipulate the audience to feel certain emotions and failed miserably. Graded a star higher than it deserves for the wonderful Murphy.

stefn birgir s (ag) wrote: Kinda creepy, but only because of that scene where Walken is sleeping, and wakes up while a yellow large eyed alien stares at him behind the door. Otherwise, bad.

Randy M (es) wrote: watched this when i was a kid and still do today. even if its effects are low tech.

Bobby L (de) wrote: Not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, especially musically, but still a fun movie. Perfect for halloween viewing. Visually stunning, and instantly likeable characters. Certainly an original story, but some of the progression was not very well fleshed out, and left me with more questions than answers. I guess I just would have liked more depth. Still definitely one that was worth watching.