Evening Land

Evening Land

A fictional-documentary depicting Denmark in deep crisis: the country is hit by general strike, during the holding of a NATO summit in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, a minister is kidnapped by extremists and state power cracks down against the politically active leftists. Made with a cast of 192 non-professional actors, the film intervenes polemically into a period of intense debates about the media, worker militancy, terrorism and the anti-nuclear movement.

Made with a cast of 192 non-professional actors, Evening Land continues to explore the form of fictional documentary intervening polemically into a period of intense debates about the media... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evening Land torrent reviews

Kathy P (au) wrote: Great film not yet in DVD but only available by special viewing. I saw it in an art gallery in Vancouver, WA. Touches on creativity, feminism, and how our culture tends to be more patriarchal. Will mothering and creativity reign again in the future? To be continued...

Dan H (ag) wrote: This was a fun movie to work on. I enjoyed the film a lot. The film was low budget, but still fun. It was like "Night of the Living Dead" behind bars. I was in the prison cafe scene. I was the blonde hair prison, who was trying to protect his food during a riot scene. It suprised me that I got credit for being in the film, but that was cool. I had a couple auditions with "The Asylum" and really respect them.

Anna S (fr) wrote: I'm so excited! My favorite childhood cartoon. Yay!

Ted W (ru) wrote: I'd seen several Jeunet features and was impressed overall, though I found City of Lost Children a tad uninspiring and Micmacs frivolous. This story is perfectly suited to his unique style. Tatou is utterly charming and the characters make sense, at least to me.

Xavier G (gb) wrote: Funny and silly(the good silly)

AD V (jp) wrote: Bereft of any style, mood or scares you'd think this was a Bruno Mattei disaster instead of Lucio Fulci. A few (2) good gory moments but unless you're a Fulci completist there's no reason to suffer through this demonic dud.

Armando P (nl) wrote: One of those dramatic movies that you'l remember your whole life.

Nico B (ag) wrote: This is my favourite animated movie since Toy Story. The story is interesting, the cast is funny and most of all it's entertainment.

Kyle M (de) wrote: The portrayal of the mother-son relationship was well picked and nicely done that has related connections and brought along the two h's: hilarity and heart; making this an hilarious recommended mother-son film. (B+)(Full review coming soon)