Event 16

Event 16

A young inventor, Matt, is on a breakthrough creation in his garage workshop, but is about to lose his girlfriend due to his obsession, when a man walks into the workshop through a wall that his invention created. Soon police, undercover agents and murderers are all hunting for Matt and his girlfriend in a race, not only against, but through time.

Matt, a young inventor on the cusp of a breakthrough creation in his garage workshop, is about to lose his girlfriend due to his obsession, when an 1893 cat strolls into the workshop ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ag) wrote: It's certainly creepy enough, but it's very rough around its edges with everything else.

Tedi I (fr) wrote: Good story, excellent cast..

Ryan L (jp) wrote: Pretty good little documentary. I don't know enough about the topic to say this authoritatively, but maybe a bit biased. Still, some good information and perspectives on GM/GE crops, as well as patent law.

Stephanie H (br) wrote: watched some of it long time ago aww she so young and cute

Jeremy H (mx) wrote: This is a great foreign film about a German group know as The Comedian Harmonists and their rise to fame and fall due to the Nazi Party. I enjoyed the acting and enoyed the music even more. If you are not particularly happy about the acting in this movie just enjoy the great music. Heino Ferch and Ulrich Noethen give great performances. At some parts the acting isnt really convincing but just enjoy the terrific music.

Jens T (it) wrote: Ingmar Bergman's Shame it's a very interesting, very supring, but very unusual. This movie is an experiance of creating a fictional war, a war we don't nothing about and does't get any explonations why? Who is the enemy. What started this war, what is it all about? We are not prepared, as we are of a World War II picture because we know the whole story before. But a fictional war, the suprises are more suspencive. You know as much as the characters in the film. You become surprise to see the enemy bomb your area. Just as many other real people in real wars.

Casey B (ag) wrote: David Gordon Green is one of my favorite directors (at least his earlier films). Shocked it took me so long to see this film. Haunting, beautiful, flawless.