An international team of climbers ascends Mt. Everest in the spring of 1996. The film depicts their lengthy preparations for the climb, their trek to the summit, and their successful return to Base Camp. It also shows many of the challenges the group faced, including avalanches, lack of oxygen, treacherous ice walls, and a deadly blizzard.

An international team of climbers ascends Mt. Everest in the spring of 1996. The film depicts their lengthy preparations for the climb, their trek to the summit, and their successful return... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derk D (au) wrote: A gut wrenching movie that will challenge you to learn more about the Middle East. The hopelessness and bleak prospects for peace are palpable.

Connor C (au) wrote: Visceral, endearing and powerful. Bolstering stupendous performances from Michael Sheen and Frank Langella, Frost Nixon shows new sides of television interviewing and Frank Langella's enchanting and committed performance as disgraced President Richard Nixon both immortalizes and humanizes a man who Americans have come to know as a reviled figure in our history. The battle of TV behind the camera is interesting, but the main invent is the intense battle of wits between David Frost and Richard Nixon, cementing this as a classic.

Lindsay H (ru) wrote: Stupid. Thinking zombies....defeats the purpose to me

Brant M (gb) wrote: Looking back, it's hard to know what to think of it, considering Dutcher personally splintered off from the main faith he once advocated, but I'll never forget how dramatically and spiritually riveting it was the first time I watched it. My hat's off to Dutcher for at least that and I wish him well in his personal, spiritual journey.

Daniel L (ca) wrote: I liked the psychological/supernature elements in this dark, moody drama.

Mo B (us) wrote: Rating: 60%It falls short with the action and script, but 2 Fast 2 Furious is still a decent film with what it has.

Kersey B (br) wrote: Best CGI? Not yet. But this is truly a fantastic endeavor of James Cameroon by bringing the film industry to new heights.

David G (jp) wrote: I've never had a movie reach me on such an emotional level as this one has, tears were literally streaming down my cheeks when the son had to carry his father across the river. I'm glad I had plenty of time afterwards to get my shit together before I left the theater.

Sarina J (us) wrote: Definitely Kitano's most endearing film about childhood and dreams.

Chihiro I (au) wrote: run with girlfriend who wears garbage bag and Ramones' song

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Assassins living as normal Americans are programed to kill when they are given a certain phrase (I'll think of the word later and replace this... what the hell is the word I'm looking for? Let's just say a "trigger" word). Like Manchurian Candidate if Bronson had been there to kick all kinds of ass.

Phil N (us) wrote: A young woman picks up a hitch-hiker and the pair of them end up getting threatened at a roadside caf, and then things get really weird when he goes missing in the bathroom. Continuing the new wave of French horror, The Pack lacks any originality, borrowing liberally from Frontiere(s) and Sheitan to name but two similar examples, yet it??s hugely entertaining and compelling viewing with some memorable characters and plenty of the red stuff. The mud-men are suitably repulsive, even if they do look like they??ve escaped from the set of The Descent!

Charlie M (jp) wrote: Group of city slickers go to the backwoods and find trouble in this timeless classic.

Gregory W (us) wrote: good movie with all the usual WB

Matt W (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, I love Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson's performance in this movie and I really love what did with the plot twist. It really is a damn good drama thirller movie, it is totally worth checking out.

Carrie T (es) wrote: It's a great part of the Disney fairies collection, with a great message, wonderful story, filled with touching moments.