Every Blessed Day

Every Blessed Day

Guido and Antonia are a young couple with opposing characters and working schedules: he works a night job as a doorman in a hotel, and she works as an employee for a rental car service. This is the story of what happens to Guido and Antonia when they decide to have a child.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Guido and Antonia are a young couple with opposing characters and working schedules: he works a night job as a doorman in a hotel, and she works as an employee for a rental car service. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (fr) wrote: The plot is indeed predictable and not one bit remarkable for that matter, but even so this is a somewhat decent (and well-edited) thriller that benefits a lot from some good performances - which hold us in our seats as we see it unveil like a fine poker game.

Christopher H (mx) wrote: Touching depiction of a dreadful situation that magnifies the love and kindness.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Based on Cormac McCarthy's play, The Sunset Limited arranges the conditions necessary for two drastically different points of view to clash in a rather engaing discussion, where their intellectual and philosophical limits are simultaneously put to the challenge and strengthened with the hopeless purpose to arrive to an impossible point of metaphysical agreement. When watching play adaptations to the big screen, suspension of disbelief with respect to to the depiction of realistic settings, rational behavior and believable dialogue delivery is absolutely indispensable for dissecting the (most of the times) rich content worth of thought and reflection that the original creators envisioned in the first place.Samuel L. Jackson is Black: a pseudo-Christian whose beliefs are primarily based on his own preconceived notions about life, faith, death, existence, free will and God's will, lightly inspired by the Holy Bible, a book that clearly does not represent a priority in his life even if he claims otherwise.Tommy Lee Jones is White: one of the thousands of men on this rotten Earth governed by the devil with alarmingly nihilistic, Nietzschean and self-destructive behaviors that have finally fully materialized into acts that nearly drove him to a suicide, represented by the Sunset Limited, a violent and material means which immediacy is ultimately attractive for an atheist that envisions the terms "suffering" and "human destiny" to be mutually explainable between each other.Performances? Excellent. Less impactful and slightly inferior to Roman Polanski's attempt with Carnage (2011) to bring a play to the celluloid realm, but conveniently more thought provoking thanks to its subject matter, The Sunset Limited is a recommended directorial effort by Tommy Lee Jones, who was capable enough to materialize the most important points debated in the play to an engaging and never boring running time of 90 minutes. Again, this is one of the films that will cause problems in regular viewers not only because of its lack of realistic credibility and its 100% dialogue-driven structure, most probably because they are not used to the concept of a play adaptation, but to those with an open mind - A MIND SUFFICIENTLY OPEN NOT TO SEE THIS AS AN ACCURATE DISCUSSION BETWEEN ATHEISM AND THEISM, WHICH IT CERTAINLY ISN'T - the film shall provide very important food for thought in an entertaining way, especially about how both characters are one-sided fundamentalists seemingly trying but obviously not attempting to accept the existential state of opposite realities to their own beliefs. The cover suggests that "nothing is ever black or white", a statement that obviously couldn't be farer from the truth, because even if the world is composed by an infinite number of grey tones in a very big number of human themes, the terms of "good" and "evil" for God are definitely absolute, and as long as humans refuse to see that, their lives will never make sense, not even for the hypocritical, religious persons like "Black"."Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!Isaiah 5: 20-2174/100

Joe T (de) wrote: It was unpredictable in its predictability, with random weird bits thrown in.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Another fun crime flick with characters developed just enough to give a $#!t about. I look forward to the sequel.

Spencer T (kr) wrote: this movie was surprisingly enjoyable. You can clearly see that the creator is a huge Kevin Smith fan with certain small homages and the fact that this is basically Clerks in a billiard store. Really funny and some great awkward moments.

James B (au) wrote: 9 years late but now I see it. Works on many levels. Great movie.

bill s (us) wrote: With the animation bar being so highly raised movies like these are crushed under there own weight.

Jenna I (fr) wrote: One of the more watchable ones-- beautiful setting, wonderfully shot, great helicopter stunts, actual diversity with no casual racism and Elvis mackin' on every single girl in Hawaii. If only they cut the kid songs and maybe pumped up the plot a bit this coulda been a full three stars.

Richard H (us) wrote: This is one of the finest films ever made theres no better way to spend a winter evening than watching this first rate whodunnit, go on trust me youll love it

Charles P (fr) wrote: When you see the stereotyped John Wayne depicting a character this haunted and tormented, you know you're watching a great movie.