Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take


The movie Every Breath U Take is a story of a woman looking for love and a man who doesn’t care much about love. Angelica Panganiban plays the role of Majoy, a “virgin-virginan” looking for signs and waiting all these years for her one true love to come. Piolo Pascual plays the role of Leo, a playboy who doesn’t want to take love seriously. They will meet on a Valentine’s Day and love, or something like it, starts to blossom. How far can Majoy go for love? And when will Leo finally admit to himself that he is in love? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucia B (br) wrote: Los mejores cortos son los de Juan Carlos Tabio "Dulce y amargo" y Laurent Cantet "La fuente".

Marla G (de) wrote: Great Japanese documentary on 3 star Michelin Sushi Chef Jiro. Now I'm off to Kobe's...

Douglas G (au) wrote: Without doubt one of the best movies I ever saw. If you ever want to see a movie about the power of Black Women then you need to see this one. Grandmaster director Sembene could have taught some American directors a thing or two. If you ever get the chance see this movie.

Timm S (kr) wrote: Followed This Far Better Than It's Predecessor & It Explained A Lot. Once Again My Son Enjoyed More Of The Same, Explosions, Fighting, Heros & Villians, Boys Love That Stuff.

Andrew H (ru) wrote: Part buddy cop movie and part sci-fi movie. This movie was great!

Jens R (it) wrote: I have seen many Fulci films, and they range from breathtaking, lyrical masterpieces, with astonishing technical wizardry (films 100 times the budget are most often not in the same league, when it comes to the sheer technical mastery (as well as the more lyrical, artistic aspects) to more mediocre (yet interesting) offerings like Conquest. This is the first Western I have seen from Fulci, although it does definitely have a spaghetti feel to it, he still does something truly original with the genre. Backed up by a fantastic, emotionally poignant script, a gorgeous score (which sounds kind of like 70s country western music) and amazing arid landscapes, this is a real corker! The story is strange and surreal, but never ends up feeling contrived. The love sub plot between the prostitute and the bounty hunter is actually truly affectionate and very sweet! Something I was not expecting from Fulci (yes, there has been love sub plots in his other films, but this is the first time i seen one which is not merely intended to generate sleaze and nudity, which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful as well! For those of you who only know Fulci as a director of stylish, psychologically charged giallos and/ or ultra gory zombie movies, this is well worth a look, you will fin out (like I did) that there is a lot more to this brilliant director than most people seem to think.

jonathan b (es) wrote: Very good piece of cinema. Another beauty, black and white samurai drama. It's not particularly heavy on action, save for the highly anticipated end. Kobayashi loves to refute the authority of old world Japans ruling classes. He stresses in here, and Harakiri, that not all answers handed out by these "authorities" are correct, and we are human beings, flesh, bone and emotions, for better or for worse. The stringent rules of bushido, and the class system don't allow for true happiness and life to flourish. All in all, it's a pretty great film, albeit a bit on the long side, but it's never boring because you know what will ultimately come in last third of the film. Mihune is great here, playing his strong, bold and honorable samurai, similar to yojimbo yet not the same. Yoko Tsukasa does a great job here as well, you might remember her as the pretty woman who needs to be rescued by Mihune in Yojimbo.

Holly T (au) wrote: Cute movie about training a man in the art of marriage. Remains one of my favorite romantic comediesand always makes me laugh.

Shane E (gb) wrote: You'll be hooked in the first ten minutes. The suitors will crack you up and then there is the awesome Claude Raines. The ending is cheesy and Fanny is irredeemable but the movie is great! Huzzah!

Sausages M (it) wrote: Odd little piece that shows how awkward the transition from Silent to 'Talky' was in the case of some genres. Here we have a very small amount of plot, not a lot of dialogue and a lot of stuff that acts as filler and seems 'tagged on'. However, because it's von Sternberg when it works it sparkles with his trademark studied magnificence. Dietrich is beguiling as ever here, and Gary Cooper smoulders. This is pure escapism, and given the age you do have to just watch it as a museum piece. Not ALL the films from this era suffer from this 'looks-like-a-silent-film-but-isn't' syndrome, but we have this here in spades in the first part, apart from THOSE iconic moments that were the beginning of Dietrich The Legend. In the end, that's what this well-directed film adds up to- an advert for The New Star You're Going To Love. You want to resist such blatant showboating, but you just can't. All style and no substance, and bizarrely all the more interesting for it. Von Sternberg was just getting warmed up for his future masterpieces.

Samuel B (jp) wrote: Good movie but I expected more. It is funny here and there but anywhere close to the Zombieland type of comedy I was expecting. You could probably pass but it's better than nothing.