Every Other Week

Every Other Week

Pontus is divorced and has custody of his children every other week while living life as a bachelor the rest of the time. His older brother, Jens, is married since 20 years and has three children. When Jens' marriage collapses, he moves in with his younger brother - a move which will change both of their lives radically.

Every Other Week is a comedy drama about two brothers whose lives become very complicated. Jens's wife Tessan refuses to believe that her husband's friendship with stunning Johanna is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jody S (fr) wrote: Very cute family movie.

Melissa W (ag) wrote: Good story. The film is a bit dull though. It's just on the cusp of being really poignant, but not quite there.

Karen S (gb) wrote: Hugo just made me think of this old movie mentioning one-man submarines... One you guys may have missed I just loved and watched more than once.

Jordan L (jp) wrote: I dont get it. I never will.

Peter B (mx) wrote: Frustrating, but a pretty good Cusack caper. Note to Joey - just do the right thing!

Drew G (au) wrote: I remember watching this one day when I lived in Grand Rapids...it was nothing great but I remember being upset that I had to leave for work and missed the last ten minutes

Collin P (nl) wrote: Absurd humor that is complete randomness and not really funny. HG is a giant snooze fest with very few funny scenes.

Sean C (gb) wrote: A solid film troubled mostly by a meandering plot and some rather predictable twists.

Indira S (jp) wrote: it's Sinatra + Shirley MacLaine, and oma Shirley is that GOOD here

Allan C (au) wrote: Solid little western about a man, Robert Sterling, and his kid brother who help out a group of "saloon girls," which includes one of my favorite actresses of the era, Gloria Grahame, out on the trail. The group then runs afoul of a group of escaped convicts left by the villainous John Ireland. There's not a lot of distinguish this western from hundred of others with the exception of Grahame who adds a significant amount of sex appeal to her part. Outside of the amazing Grahame this is a sturdy westerns from reliable director Mark Robson that will certainly keep western fans entertained.

Kathleen C (nl) wrote: This is pretty funny, not sure why it gets such low ratings.

Simon T (ru) wrote: A very stylish, nicely-performed caper movie centring on a Vegas casino heist. Steven Soderbergh exploits the obvious camaraderie of his A-list cast and trusts the audience to join the dots without excessive hand holding. A huge improvement on the rat pack original.

Harper C (us) wrote: Extremely weird with a strange plot

Elton G (ru) wrote: Heath Ledger's unforgettable Joker...Christian Bale's grim Batman...Christopher Nolan's flawless direction...the epic action...there is virtually no flaw in the second installement in Chris Nolan's Batman Series.

Dan C (kr) wrote: First film in a long time I have had to turn off. Painful.