Every So Often in the World...

Every So Often in the World...

Five documentary shorts about various children from the third world.

Five documentary shorts about various children from the third world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Every So Often in the World... torrent reviews

Chris L (es) wrote: Cate Blanchett's yet another spectacular performance made this flick 5 stars!

Bill B (ru) wrote: This is a film that I ended up watching in two different sittings about a month apart, just because I couldn't muster the strength to go back and finish the stupid thing.We follow a brother and sister along for their hand-held found footage style explorations of the area surrounding their vacation home, looking for the truth behind an urban legend. I can normally get into this type of movie, but there were just one too many instances of "Why are you still holding a camera?" for me to fully commit to this one.Rental at best.

Saneicha T (kr) wrote: This is a really asome story

jessica m (ru) wrote: How do i watch the whole movie on here? And not just the trailer?

Courtney C (gb) wrote: Good story... great film. Very cute

Charlie O (it) wrote: The writing is sharp as a tack and the movie presents strong moments without taking itself too seriously. A masterpiece

James H (fr) wrote: Overly sentimental but still powerful story. Richard Dreyfuss is well cast and gives a fine performance. It amazes me that an individual's desire to die is an issue at all, it's their choice, so the film is interesting that it shows their are people out who interfere with peoples personal decisions.

William W (kr) wrote: Bela Lugosi is one of my favourites of the first stage of horror presences (not including silent cinema), but compared to his contemporaries (Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Lon Chaney Jr.), he had more than his share of turkeys. The atmospheric, Hungarian-born, quite charismatic actor starred in one of them here, in this 'Charlie Chan'-knockoff serial. I tend to love them, but this is a minor, 70-minute editing of the 15-episode, 281-minute edition. It has decent supporting players, in Joan Barclay and Bruce Bennett, a woman trying to become an exciting news reporter, rather than simply the newspaper's society column editor, and her boss, respectively, who end up, predictably enough, romantically entangled as they try to discover what and who's behind raids threatening competitor merchants in San Francisco's Chinatown from the business interests of Lugosi's employer, the gorgeous Dragon Lady (Luana Walters). Lugosi gives your money's worth as the despicable and ruthless villain.My copy came from my legendary Mill Creek 50-pack 'Nightmare Worlds', and if you enjoy serials, Lugosi or 30's detective films such as the 'Charlie Chan' series, it's a decent poor-boy's version and worth a watch. I would prefer to see the full version, but that's just me. If you're just marginally interested in them or prefer Lugosi in his more horrific fare, this may prove boring for you, and I would suggest that instead, you stick to his better-known projects with more money behind them and better directors--they offer you much more meat to sink your *ahem* teeth into.

Jacob D (jp) wrote: My second favourite action movie ever put on screen.

Michael W (ru) wrote: I did not mind The Seven-Ups. The Seven-Ups has a gritty storyline about an elite police team, which plays buy their own rules. Seven years and up is what Roy Scheider's elite team has in store for criminals. A 1970's action film which had the gun-fights and car chases. Seven-Ups strong points are: The car chase scene is the most memorable part of the movie. The gunfight between Scheider and Lynch is the second most memorable moment of the movie. Bianaco's acting performance with Scheider creates a realistic feel for the movie. I don't mind The Seven-Ups. A cheesy film with memorable moments. I feel generous and give The Seven-Ups three stars.

Dylan D (fr) wrote: One look at the poster tells potential viewers all they need to know about Norbit. It's really no deeper than the image of a large woman suffocating a skinny man. There is a minimalist, generic plot; forgettable and heavily stereotyped characters; a bland script; and boring direction. It definitely has a few moments that work, and it is thanks to those that the film avoids the worst possible rating, but other than a few decent scenes here and there, Norbit is completely forgettable.