Every Thing Will Be Fine

Every Thing Will Be Fine

One day, driving aimlessly around the outskirts of town after a trivial domestic quarrel, a writer named Tomas accidentally hits and kills a child. Will he be able to move on?

One day, driving aimlessly around the outskirts of town after a trivial domestic quarrel, a writer named Tomas accidentally hits and kills a child. Tomas spends the next 12 years examining the effect of the tragedy on his life and that of Kate, who lost someone close. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jillian L (jp) wrote: I'm all for indie low budget. What I'm not for is indie low budget with no plot. Well, there is a plot, it's just minuscule and meandering. There's also a lot of long takes that weren't interesting. I'm sorry, I just don't find watching somebody disgustingly eat a giant plate of spaghetti for four solid minutes entertaining. There are some humorous moments, and I commend Joshua Burge for just going for it, but I just didn't find this enjoyable.

Jon K (de) wrote: I wasn't planning on going to see the movie The Secret Village. I decided to make my way over to a local theater in Philadelphia. after a friend who went to the first showing told me it was worth the watch. After spending 90 minutes in the theater my emotions transitioned from sitting on the edge of my seat, my brain being so confused, and walking out amazed. I was truly impressed with acting by Ali Faulkner, Jonathan Bennett, and Richard Riehle. Ali Faulkner a new and upcoming actress stole the show! She reminds me a bit of Sara Paxton, and portrays her emotions just like Ashley Benson. The Secret Village was inspired by events connected to The Salem Witch Trials, not going to lie I was educated during the movie. Before seeing this movie I was very skeptical, I wasn't too sure of the actors performances in the teasers. After the ending I was glad that I made my way to my local theater.Jonathan Bennett was taking on a different role from his past. It was good to see him on the screen after such a long gap from 2004. Stelio Savante was one of those characters in movies who you hated in the beginning from his evil role, but he grew on you towards the end. All the actors executed their roles very well. To be honest, I enjoyed the beginning it gave off a unique vibe. The middle however was a bit too confusing, my brain was jumping to conclusions, and I was getting frustrated. The ending answered every single one of my questions, and at last I felt satisfied. The ending was the icing on the cake! It was a new approach to story telling and direction, Kudos to the screenplay and direction team for executing a distinct ending. The ending was like putting a jig-saw puzzle together, and being impressed with the final piece. Definitely a movie made for a creative mind.

Martin P (us) wrote: Mmmmmm...they made a sequel! That's Hollywood for ya!

Rogerinho S (ag) wrote: I'm not really sure how passable Ashley Tisdale is as an unpopular frumpy looking nerd......even on her worst day. For how cutesy this was and for how silly the contrivance of having video cellphones provide the main drive of the story was, this was actually a reasonably good teen film that largely avoided schmaltz.

Jordan T (it) wrote: What a surprising gem this turned out to be. We've all seen the story before; former free spirit falls in love and gets married, has a child, but then something provokes past memories and the man longs for those days and ends up wanting out of his happy life. However, this one was a little different. Bale is content with his life, but his old friend returns and reminds him of the old days and stabs his ego by saying he "sold out." In most movies the man in that position completely reverts and only thinks of himself and ultimately cheats on his wife. Bale on the other hand keeps his family in mind, and although he was close, is never unfaithful. Sometimes flashbacks can be annoying, but this was done very well to the point where it wasn't even distracting. A very small cast featuring all British actors (2 being very lovely ladies). A lot of sex and nudity in here, but it's not distasteful. Good on all accounts and nice to see Christian Bale playing an every man for once.

Ian C (us) wrote: One of my favourites from Carpenter. Two fight between David and Piper is the greatest in the history of cinema. Loads of cheesy one liners and a great critique of capitalism.

Barry S (us) wrote: A demonic hair band turns their teenage listeners into brainwashed killers! Vincent Pastore gets killed by a mutant stereo speaker monster! Can the high school literature teacher save the day?

Lee M (jp) wrote: This critically acclaimed and award-winning drama is based on the memoirs of Jeannie Gunn, the first white woman to venture into Australia's Northern Territory.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Such a fantastic remake. One of the best, as well as one of the top Zombie flicks. Falls apart a little at the end, but it's still so damn good.

MAlagripta C (kr) wrote: Una buena peli sobre adoracin y caballos ciegos...

Rupert R (nl) wrote: a classic neo-realist film... raw and passionate

Ice R (es) wrote: Bette has a cameo, and the movie suffers.

Michael A (kr) wrote: Atom Egoyan always makes movies that make you think.

Eli N (mx) wrote: A scattered film that requires your attention. The ideas in the film remain pointedly blurred. Constantly unraveling any idea that there is a twist while consistently transitioning scene's to make you less certain. Every single other reviewer forgot the first scene.

James H (es) wrote: Exceptional film noir, strong direction from Robert Montgomery and he gives an excellent performance as well. A powerful film, beautiful imagery. Suspenseful and the supporting performance from Thomas Gomez is amazing.