Everybody Has a Little Secret

Everybody Has a Little Secret

Revolves around Soo-hyun and the three sisters. While he is falling in love with the youngest sister Mi-young, he also tries to seduce her two sisters. Everything become complicated.

From writer/director Jang Hyeon-Su (Born to Kill) comes Everybody Has Secrets, a comic tale of sex and secrecy that argues that not all secrets need to be revealed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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GM W (ru) wrote: Funny, good, and totally cool. Directed by YouTuber: Shane Dawson

Nathan M (kr) wrote: It might be a little predictable, and it's not really anything new as far as "under privileged" teen movies go, but there is something special about Around the Block. It has to do with the performances of Christina Ricci and Hunter Page-Lochard. For American audiences it will be very interesting to see the aboriginal people of Australia depicted on screen. I've seen several period pieces about it, but it was so interesting to see how racism is treated in modern-day Australia. Writer/director Sarah Spillane has some really good moments throughout the film, but ultimately doesn't seem strong enough to handle the material. She has the confidence to allow the film to breathe at the right moments, and most of the film is pretty subdued. In other moments things feel rushed, and not given enough time to really develop necessary elements.It's a moving film, but it doesn't bring much new to the genre. However, if this comes on cable, which I doubt it will, it will be worth your time to watch.

John O (au) wrote: I thought it was humorous and fun....

Mahesh P (it) wrote: Pretty boring movie with one song (which is bad)...first half is better than the 2nd...Paresh Rawal is pointless.

Alexander T (au) wrote: This was an interesting experience. I didn't like this movie at first. I kept thinking to myself "What is wrong with these people, they're all crazy!" They were all incredibly irritating. But then I remembered that the story is being told through the eyes of an arguably insane woman. If you can make it through this movie with an open mind, I think you'll enjoy the story.

Sean C (br) wrote: Severance meets Wrong Turn 2 with a background story that isnt padded out enough making the religious cult seem a little lacking. Better than expected and to be commended for not just turning into another mutant-cannibal slobbering over young pretties in the arse-end of nowhere. Once it's established that this is not that sort of movie and that there's like only really one mutant as such and he's too keen to make babies than eat anyone, you know you have something that at least is trying to be different to the genre mould even if it fails to break it.

Simon D (au) wrote: The story is not too bad here but that's not the main reason to watch this. The twisted minds of the characters and the horrific things they do is shown in it's full gory detail, it's not for the squeemish and is widely known as one of the most disturbing films out there. If you want to challenge your stomach to go to the next level, then give this a try.

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Amanda X (ag) wrote: So Yeah, I have been away from my journal quite a bit this month because of life things, being sick, being on and off depressed and just trying to do things with my friends. I watched a movie last night and well, as always, I must review it.[i]Hardcore [/i]is a Greek gay and lesbian film about a couple of teenage girls who whore themselves out for drugs, money and fun I suppose. The movie is kind of odd in a way because You are subjected to extremely dramatic moments that are almost like those from [i]Requiem for a Dream[/i], and then blam! Orgy scene.The girls have tons of dirty sex and there is enough nudity to enjoy, not as much as say, a Cinemax flick, but kind of like [i]Show Girls. [/i]The story wasn't all there, and it was a bit deep and sometimes it goes so fast it would leave me slightly confused, but its easy to get, all the way to end, if you think about it.The relationship between the girls is an odd and almost sad love which seems as if it can never fully be. The end reflects this as the main girl (who I think is really hot) solves all her problems by killing her best friend. Sounds really fucked doesn't it?I would suggest this movie to couples, if you watch it alone, watch it with beer. Also, keep the little kids away, not for the violence and sex, but because the movie is in Greek and the subtitles move quick, too quick for our younger audiences.

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