Everybody's All-American

Everybody's All-American

Louisiana football star Gavin Grey had it all. He was an All-American champion who married his high-school sweetheart, homecoming queen Babs Rogers, and who was a hero to his hometown. Yet after a failed professional career, Gavin realizes that fame and success have passed him by and that he no longer is the hero everyone keeps reminding him he should still be. His dissatisfaction with his life leads to strains in his marriage, and Gavin begins to wonder who he is, if he's not a hero anymore.

A Louisiana football legend struggles to deal with life's complexities after his college career is over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam C (au) wrote: Dark Sky Films is what led me to see this movie. I saw this trailer during a preview for the amazing horror film: House of The Devil. I finally got around to this film hoping Dark Sky Films would terrify and excite me like House of the Devil did. I was undoubtedly wrong.Plague Town opens with a great little scene, that'll startle you and allows the film to open with a bloody bang. However, as the film progresses we are introduced to the same old, cliche, horror genre. The characters all have their distinct personality, they meet a creepy guy who warns them, they miss the bus, etc. I do have to say that the character development is done quite well. Without directly telling us anything about the characters, we get a keen eye on how they act and who they are. However, we still don't give a damn when they die. The script feels like it was written by middle schooler. Whether it be the constant annoying banter, or the cheesy apologies in the midst of horror, Plague Town's script must've taken 45 minutes to write up, and probably less to pick its actors. The acting could not have been worse. All these cheesy lines are brought out, by the terrible deliveries. I am not the person who laughs during horror movies, no matter how bad, because I always give it a chance, to decide on what the intent was. Despite this, I found myself chuckling at numerous scenes that were beyond terrible.I am a person who looks through shoestring budgets, because for the most part (special effects, stunts) they don't ruin the film. However, this film should not have been released with all these mistakes or easy-to-spot flaws. Every time a "gory" scene occurs, the camera, switches vigorously across the scene, to distract us from the poor editing, and lack of makeup. Even worse, a character will be standing still in one shot, but stab someone in the next shot. These are rookie mistakes and it just gets in the way. One scene in particular has the two remaining survivors driving off, and because of the lack of money, or just carelessness itself, they repeat the exact same shot of the car, not once, not twice, but three times. It made me just bury my head in my hands because of the lack of details that this crew had. In the end, Plague Town is neither psychically, mentally, or even technically there. The atmosphere and character development may be nice, but the overlying flaws, and lack of answers given to the audience, makes me think that the director wanted this film finished up as quick as he could, so he could get the hell off this project. Scenes are there, for no reason, and the film leaves us hanging...in a bad way. They make no intent to help answer the main questions in the film, like why the people are the way they are? The movie poster says: "It's in the blood," but nowhere in the film does it go into this statement, or if I recall, even spoken.

Ryan F (gb) wrote: This movie benefits strongly from a committed and strong performance from Don Cheadle. Even though it's slightly clich and by the numbers, it's a relevant & good story

Diogo S (au) wrote: um filme bastante forte e difcil de visualizar, mas tambm uma original maneira de apresentar ao mundo a desgraa deste terceiro mundo visto de uma perspectiva mais inocente, mas tambm ela perturbadora.

Claudia R (ru) wrote: Formulaic and full of cliches, but not that bad considering it's the all time biggest flop in wide release at box office. There are other movies out there that are worse than this one.

Patrick B (us) wrote: Great depiction of an often forgotten time in Northern Irish, English and religion. Very well done.

Henriette O (ca) wrote: One for the big guy! - Fly me to the moon Let me sing among those stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars In other words, hold my hand In other words, baby kiss me Fill my heart with song Let me sing for ever more You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words, please be true In other words, I love you

Gabo A (jp) wrote: Still mind blowing after all these years and one of the most influential cinema verite films ever made. Mira Nair, much like orson Welles , peaked too early. Her legacy will be this film. One of the most important films on india ever. Watch it.

Chris W (es) wrote: Wenders strikes gold again. Now, I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment by watching all of his 'greats' first, but I don't care. The more I watch from this man, the easier it is to consider him one of my favorite directors. Alice in the Cities was a bit harder to judge mostly because I had to watch it on VHS. I tried as hard as I could not to judge the picture and sound based on the poor quality of the transfer, but who knows if I was able to. I may like this even better with a re-watch. Anyway, the two main leads relationship is fantastic. It's hard not to care for these two. Wenders has a way of mixing character study/relationships with a bit of mystery (in the way the mother disappears). Obviously, the mystery aspect is downplayed, but there are still underlying tones nonetheless. He perfects this in Paris Texas but does a fantastic job here too. Although it was hard to judge the visuals, I could tell there were some fantastic scenes that would look great with a better transfer. What I could sense (even through the poor quality) was a great sense of poetry. The seldom used score enhanced the scenes it was part of; there are many relaxing scenes, and ample time to digest what you are taking in. Glad I finally got a hold of this.

Ben S (mx) wrote: An interesting early failure from John Frankenheimer.

DOCTOR P (jp) wrote: Number 3 of the compilation era The animation here is pretty good. The shorts are cute but unfortunately forgettable. The music at times boring. So far this is noticeably a weak era for Disney. Next up: Mickey Mouse the Movie (Sort of)

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Ray M (fr) wrote: Utter crap. Poor acting. Sound quality is seriously bad - I have no idea how the engineers thought they'd done a good job. Perhaps they should change their careers to hairdressers. Don't waste your time on this.

Stefan B (jp) wrote: better than expected