Everybody's Business

Everybody's Business

“EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS” is a light-hearted satire on Singapore and Singaporeans from different walks of life. When Singapore is hit with a widespread bout of food poisoning – with at least fifty victims – everyone is sent into a tizzy. How on earth could something like this happen in Singapore? And who’s responsible?

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Dimitri C (mx) wrote: This is the "better and bigger" kind of sequel. But despites "[Rec] 2" erases many mistakes from the first film, the movie never reach the fear and the quality of it. And the plot is absolutly weird, in a bad way.

Carlo C (de) wrote: Excelente pelcula Libanesa, sobre los amores y desamores de un grupo amigas y su vecina. Cuatro trabajan juntas y todas viven en una sociedad demasiado conservadora, en donde bajo esos estndares ellas buscan acomodar su visin "liberal" de la vida y del amor. El papel de Lili, la hermana mayor de una de las protagonistas, es excelente, aunque todas las actuaciones son magnficas. Rntenla vale la pena.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: Superior to the TV spin-offs. One of Emmerich's best

Byron B (it) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the oscars and the LAFC, and was nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes and by NBR

Marko T (fr) wrote: Hyv elokuva kuntosaliohjaajaan rakastuvasti toimittajasta, joka mokaa asian. Mutta lopussa huomataan kuinka asiat ovat todellisuudessa