Everyone Is Older Than I Am

Everyone Is Older Than I Am

In this documentary Bo Widerberg's son Martin tells about how it is to live in a family with a busy and famous film maker.

A portrait of four generation Widerberg's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Morph J (de) wrote: Granted I had no expectations for this film given its title and premise, but still it has managed to be definitely THE worst film I've ever seen ! I never thought anyone could make Gary Busey look like a half-decent actor, but having seen his son in this...let's just say the apple hasn't fallen very far from that particular family tree. Sadly Mr Busey Jr isn't alone in his lack of basic acting ability in this howlingly bad, over-ripe pile; there is a particular scene where one of the blonde women (no idea who she is) is supposed to be terrified by the close-up sight of the cyborg / killer robot Hitler (don't ask), but all her face seems to display is constipation. Not even bad enough to watch for a laugh - just plain rubbish, hence no stars.

Kevin G (br) wrote: Boring. A lot of people can get this entertainment by just looking out the window. Definitely needed a better script.

Austin S (us) wrote: I liked it. Alot better than the first. It would have been better if they followed civilans instead of FBI or whatever they were.

Jess T (es) wrote: I barely remember anything about his movie all I know is I was much too old for this film so I wasn't that interested.

Farah H (jp) wrote: Kind of an odd twist. Interesting but odd.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Collin S (mx) wrote: Great film. Amazing acting by Dustin Hoffman. Tom cruise was phenomenal as always

Sheldon C (it) wrote: Great cast but a VERY uneven movie. This could have been so much better.

Deepak S (kr) wrote: As close to a British version to American Pie as you're likely to see.....if you enjoyed the TV sitcom (which I did), you'll love this. If you've never seen the TV show (Americans especially), you'll probably still enjoy it if you're into the 'Superbad' school of humour, but parts of it will baffle you!

Diane M (br) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies.