Everything Everywhere Again Alive

Everything Everywhere Again Alive


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Everything Everywhere Again Alive torrent reviews

rose j (it) wrote: This movie okay not too cool but ok lol I watch this and we though it be action pack but not really and it's kinda boring I think1 we'll I hope I enjoy it then I did. :)

Andrew M (de) wrote: The lure of Asian cinema is a certain rawness that comes with the film style. What most certainly doesn't work is when they try to imitate a hollow-wood action film, the it loses part of its identity. This is the problem with Dynamite Warrior. All the elements and the context of the film are Thai [Muay Thai kickboxing and supernatural powers and possession], but damn if it didn't shine with the sheen of a hollow-wood production. Slo-mos. Quick edits. There is such a thing as too much style. Dan Chupong can explode on the international scene. I think he is a lot more expressive and emotional an actor than his more famous counterpart, Tony Jaa. He's got the skills. He's got the power. He is a tiny powder keg just ready to go off. He needs more roles. Good but not great. Powerful but way too polished for its own good. A shame really.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: would like to see hell fuck yes!

Heather M (ca) wrote: I will pass on this one.

Amelia T (fr) wrote: good fun, not too predictable but still is, & you can feel some of that magic (:

Jake A (ca) wrote: After the previous film managed to nearly managed to kill an otherwise strong series (critically and commercially) this film managed to claw back the series' reputation in fantastic style. Bringing back Nicholas Meyer (who directed The Wrath of Khan) to take the directors chair once more is an inspired move and really pays off. I really like the plot (probably my favourite of the series), the action almost equals Meyer's first effort along with the villain played wonderfully by Christopher Plummer. The rest of the cast is also solid, the score is good, the humour works and it is a brilliant send off to the original cast/film series.

Brad G (ca) wrote: This is essential viewing for all you James Spader fans out there. I??m serious. Essential. Former rich kid Spader moves to L.A. and is harassed by a fabulously 80s gang of half shirts. Spader??s only friend is the goofy, but witty Robert Downey Jr. He falls for the girl with the longest hair in high school history and all hell breaks loose. Even his dad gets into the action and is part of the best fist fight of the flick. Jumps cuts, fades, slow mo, and Jack Mack & The Heart Attacks. Unintentionally funny but a whole lotta good times. Forgotten 80s gem. VF.

Arthur C (ru) wrote: It not so much that I like it, as wonder how anyone couldn't...what a f'ing awesome B-Movie."Oh, Billy - I shoulda left you dead.."

Carlos F (jp) wrote: Not one of my favorite Mario Bava films. Sure, the excellence in cinematography and set design are there, but it just doesn't have the energy of the better Bava films.

Sarah O (br) wrote: I am generally not a fan of spy movies or anything closely resembling James Bond. Harry Palmer is British counterintelligence, and from the opening credits, appears to be a ladies' man. Kind of. Harry Palmer is different in that he does not employ a lot of fancy gadgets, but instead uses his well-placed connections to get himself out of jams. I had the pleasure of seeing this in the theatre on the big screen. In this installment in the series, Texas billionaire General Midwinter, decides to eliminate Communism on his own by employing a private army. Palmer gets embroiled in this scheme that treatens to bring on World War 3. Very entertaining. Quick pacing with just the right amount of humor sprinkled in makes this a spy film for the anti-Bond crowd. I can't wait to see the other films in this series.

Marcus M (ag) wrote: Bored housewife cheats on her husband, then meets another man who she falls in love with overnight and leaves her husband and child with her new lover the next day......that being said, Jeanne Moreau is intriguing and it's beautifully shot and there's some great use of Brahms' music throughout the movie.