Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go

When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form.

The film centers on alcoholic Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell) a career salesman who loses his wife and his job in the same day and, faced with his life imploding, begins living on his front lawn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilena G (ru) wrote: Romantic? Creepy? You decide. The tale is not so unusual these days though.

Chris H (nl) wrote: A langorously paced documentary on the search for a new Lama, this is as much about the search as it is about the faith of the previous Lama's longtime disciple

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: Very touching film. Well made. I have always thought that Brenda Blethyn was an exceptional actress...I still think so. She carried most of the movie herself, and she did it very well.

Ed C (mx) wrote: Low budget parasite-based horror film set in Washington state.--------------------- In a small Washington town, church from the 18th century burns down, releasing a trapped parasite. The parasite infests a fireman who had the bad luck to fall down at the scene. The parasite induces the host to connect with other people. The parasite kills the host and travels to the next. The sheriff is Jesse's uncle, and Scott is recently out of prison. Even worse, the uncle framed Scott's father with the crimes that sent him to prison. Scott and Jesse have to research the parasite and stop it. Will Scott and Jesse stop this public hazard? Will either of them survive? Will the endless sequence of belches ever end?----Scores----- Cinematography: 8/10 Good looking except for a regular smidgen of shaky cam. Sound: 6/10 Music was used to no effect. Acting: 0/10 Terrible. No competent actors, and the direction seemed to be just as weak. Screenplay: 2/10 Not much of a story, badly told, with absurd dialog and wobbly logic. The actors did not have much to work with. The cliches at the end did not help.

Trent C (au) wrote: Its a low budget film but actually pretty good not as intense as i thought it would be

Diogo B (kr) wrote: Ento Closer se revela como a potica execuo de uma triste pera.

christine s (ru) wrote: ive seen this one about a hundred times to. Corey is so fine in this movie

Alberto M (ag) wrote: Considerando que este filme sali en 1977, en la dcada de la liberacin sexual, el guin tiene un marcado tono misgino/ pesimista, que solo refleja la ignorancia y la doble moral de Hollywood. Un filme que quiere abordar la liberacin sexual femenina y termina siendo un burdo melodrama aleccionador sobre las consecuencias del "libertinaje". Pese a lo anterior, Diane Keaton saca adelante su personaje y el filme tiene uno que otro momento, pero es imposible salvarlo ante lo retrgrada que resulta el guin.

Fabienne R (br) wrote: Ben faut aimer la valse... la Bertrand BLIER :D

Mike V (au) wrote: The action, the drama, the music, the costumes, and the fact that this is based on a true story always combine to give me a lump in my throat. Compulsory viewing prior to any Olympic Games. Inspirational. My favourite film of 1981. AAW 1001

Paul M (gb) wrote: it felt too artificial for me. maybe because it was done ON A FREAKING FLIP CAM SO IT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING STUDENT PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, David, get a real producer and a real budget and a REAL camera!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric B (de) wrote: It's a fun, fast paced, comedy, thriller, and action packed movie. The actions in the movie were crazy unrealistic but still entertaining and enjoyable! Love the great chemistry between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.